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If you like the crisp and zesty flavor of cloves, you should try our Vanilla Kretek or Orange Maluku, from our extremely popular and appealing Clove Eliquid Flavors. These two ejuice choices will bring back that nostalgic and historic feeling reminiscent of childhood memories. And the taste and scent of cloves is always refreshing, even for people who don't vape. 

If you love cloves and want to enhance your vaping experience while you enjoy your eliquid, look no further than the best eliquid flavors from RastaVapors.com. Our all natural products are unrivaled for their freshness and quality. You can actually taste the difference when you try our vape juices. So, when you want to savor that distinctive clove taste, and enjoy the spicy aroma that will permeate your home, give our clove eliquids a try. We're certain that you won't be disappointed! 

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