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My Favorite

Its an amazing flavor! Sweet amd smooth reminds me of the bubble yum cotton candy gum

Terrific flavor

This one gunks up my mesh quickly as well. Superb taste however.



Thank you for the review Masayoshi!
Love it

Smooth, flavorful, and better than I expected

Thanks so much for the review José! Welcome to the family! :)
Jack Frost

I have looked around and the Jack Frost that you sell is by far the best menthol flavored vape. I have tried all types of menthol vape juice and this is fantastic. It’s so refreshing and makes me smile. Thanks for getting me the 2nd order so fast. The first order never came. I checked the security tape and there were no deliveries from UPS to my door on the 12th.

Hey Randy, not a problem we are always happy to rush an order when we can! Once again sorry USPS didn't deliver the 1st one. Thank you for the review as well! Much love from the entire team


Berkeley CA is latest city to try to ban flavored e-liquids
The City of Berkeley is only the latest to introduce local legislation that attempts to ban the sales of favored e-liquids and menthol tobacco products to its citizens. San Francisco was the first, and several other local municipalities are following suit, including Oakland, San Leandro, Contra Costa County, and now Berkeley. And some vaping advocates close to [...]
Vaping is as non-toxic as ‘puffing room air,’ says e-cig study
The results of a new vaping study may be so amazing that vapers themselves might find them truly surprising. Public health agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) often demonized vaping in the press. They tend to claim that more evidence is needed before they can [...]
Is vaping cheaper than smoking?
Many smokers who are looking for an effective way to quit smoking are often concerned about the associated costs of nicotine replacement therapies like “the patch” and nicotine gums. They might also be concerned with how easily these products can be purchased, too.After all, smokers can buy a pack of cigarettes on nearly every street corner these days. [...]
5 more research studies to quiet the vaping haters
Electronic cigarettes have been around for nearly fifty years, yet vaping haters seem to be crawling out of the woodwork these days. They are continuously spreading false claims and outright lies about the benefits of vaping, perhaps to secretly benefit Big Pharma or Big Tobacco. Whenever someone posts some fake news report about e-cigs being a gateway to [...]
3 research studies to shut down the vaping haters
Thanks to fake news and alternative facts being spread around social media like wildfire, vaping haters are grossly misinformed about the health benefits of e-cigarettes. From conspiracy theories that vaping is a gateway to teen smoking and bogus news reports secretly funded by Big Pharma, learning the truth about e-cigs can sometimes be a difficult task. The next time [...]
Men’s Health Magazine endorses vaping
The mainstream media is not always kind to the American vaping industry, but Men’s Health Magazine is bucking that trend by officially endorsing e-cigs as a healthier alternative to smoking. For vaping haters that tend to spread misinformation and false statements claiming that vaping is just as deadly as smoking, they can now turn to the nation’s top [...]
Does Uncle Sam secretly want you to smoke rather than vape?
As vaping continues to grow in popularity, many elected officials have consistently demonized electronic cigarettes by suggested that they are just as deadly as the real thing. Even though there are reams of scientific evidence proving that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking, legislators at the federal, state, and local levels are publicly denouncing e-cigs by citing [...]
Cornell University: Raising smoking & vaping age to 21 may harm public health
As of August 2017, five states and some 260 municipalities have raised the legal smoking age to 21, and these laws usually also include vaping. Maine just because the fifth state, and its legislation goes into effect on July 1, 2018. But according to a study released by scientists of Cornell University, the seemingly well-intentioned state and [...]
3 reasons to start vaping and quit smoking now!
Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows how excruciating the entire process can be, but vaping makes the kicking the habit almost completely pain-free. For proof, all you need to do is read a recent report from Columbia University published just weeks ago. According to the study, over 50% or people who try to quit smoking [...]
Dr. David Levy: E-cigs may lead to 21% reduction in deaths related to smoking
According to a 2016 e-cig study involving teenage participants, vaping may be directly attributable to a rapid decline to smoking related deaths for the Millennial Generation. Using a computerized modeling software measuring the uptake of e-cig vapor, the scientists also state their belief that previous claims that vaping is a gateway to smoking have been grossly overstated. The study [...]
Vaping improves myocardial heart functions in smokers, says study
A recently released e-cig study by Dr. Konstantinos E Farsalinos from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Kallithéa, Greece, suggests that vaping is good for the heart compared to smoking. In fact, the benefits are so significant that the research shows smoking even a single cigarette has immediate, negative effects to myocardial functions. The Farsalinos team began with [...]
UK scientists research possible ‘placebo effects’ of vaping and e-cigs
The Cochran Group is a UK-based medical organization which strives to provide healthcare professionals with sound guidance and scientific research. As more and more smoking patients are discovering vaping and e-cigs in recent years, they are also beginning to ask their doctors for help in deciding between which nicotine replacement therapy is best. According to a newly published report, [...]
What the heck is sub ohm vaping, and should you even try it?
For newbies to the world of vaping, you may be tripping over lots of articles online and in social media about sub ohm vaping. The term sounds very scientific and rather exciting, but is it something that you should really try? And with so many different vape mods and cigalike devices always entering the marketplace, it [...]
Top 3 reasons to quit smoking and start vaping…TODAY!
If you are one of the millions of people who want to quit smoking, then you have probably already considered a transition to vaping as a healthier alternative. Any smoker who has tried to quit in the past – if even for a day or two – knows that quitting cold turkey comes with its fair share of drawbacks. [...]
Are you suffering from depression? Quit smoking and start vaping!
Did you now that smoking cigarettes can leave you feeling emotionally and physically depressed? For anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking in the past, if even for a couple of days, we almost always beginning feeling happier and more energetic immediately.So, why do we so often relapse back into smoking? Studies show that it’s [...]
Doctors now recommend vaping in huge numbers, says Mayo Clinic
The typical American physician has been struggling since vaping became so popular in recent years. Should they recommend e-cigs to their patients who smoke as an effective smoking cessation tool? Or should they continue to push their patients towards more traditional Big Pharma alternatives like “the patch” and nicotine gums?To find an answer to their medical quandary, doctors [...]
Hell freezes over as FDA embraces vaping over smoking
When FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced through a press release last Friday that the deeming regulations would get a 5-year extension, vapers around the nation breathed a heavy sigh of relief. After nearly two years of continuous criticism from the federal public health agency, Gottlieb’s brief and eloquent statement may have just saved vaping from total and complete [...]
Call to Action: All vapers nationwide, please join ‘Let’s Be Real, San Francisco’
There is a new vaping advocacy group forming on the west coast, but its Board of Supervisors is fighting for everyone’s right to vape across all 50 states. The Let’s Be Real, San Francisco (LBRSF) vaping movement sprang into action as an immediate response the recent Bay Area ban on the sales of flavored e-liquids and menthol cigarettes. [...]
Vaping hater Rep. Lowey spouts 3 falsehoods to AP reporter in less than 25-words
When a reporter for the Associated Press (AP) discovered a new House bill that will attempt to redefine portions of the FDA deeming regulations in regard to vaping, Andrew Taylor asked Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) for a quote. She issued one, short sentence of only 25-words, but it was filled with at least three falsehoods about vaping.The news began [...]
Mayo Clinic survey shows more and more doctors approve of vaping
A recent survey conducted by the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, NY, has identified a significant increase in doctor recommendations of e-cigs and vaping as a safe and effective smoking cessation tool. The team of scientists solicited the opinions of some 1500 U.S. medical professionals including family care physicians, general surgeons, anesthesiologists, and pulmonologists. Each participant was asked [...]
Ohio vapers defeat proposed 69% vape tax of Gov. Kasich
When Ohio Governor James Kasich attempted to include a 69% e-cig tax into his proposed state budget six months ago, vape shops statewide immediately took notice. Also buried deep within the proposal was a new requirement for all vape shops, retailers, and manufacturers to purchase a $1,000 licensing fee. To the surprise of many, the Republican-controlled state legislature [...]