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Why is the CDC lying about e-cigs and vaping?

Just last week, the CDC issued a rather alarming press release that seems to be lying about e-cigs and vaping use among teenagers. The Centers for Disease Control has long held the opinion that electronic cigarettes are a “gateway” to traditional smoking of tobacco products, despite volumes of medical research that indicate otherwise. Rather than admit that they were wrong, the CDC seems to keep trying to win their argument by continuously publishing outlandish “statistics” that are seemingly based in a Teenage Fantasyland.

(Courtesy grimmgreen.com)

According to the CDC report, there is no significant decrease in teenage smoking since the rise in popularity of vaping devices. The CDC is on such a rampage about e-cigs that they are even launching a series of anti-smoking advertisements, but instead of talking about the dangers of tobacco cigarettes like Marlboros or Salem Lights, they target e-cigs instead. Even Forbes Magazine is taking issue with the CDC.

“Rather than admit they were wrong to claim that e-cigarettes are a “gateway” to the conventional kind, (The CDC has) escalated their prevarications by implying, in defiance of all scientific evidence, that there is no important difference between the two kinds of nicotine delivery devices.

But other news organizations are not as kind as Forbes. In December of 2015, USA Today published another bogus CDC study making similar claims about teenage electronic cigarette rates. Where the majority of these organizations fail is in their classifying of “nicotine” as “tobacco.” It’s the tobacco and thousands of toxic chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes that are life-threatening, not the miniscule amounts of nicotine found in the water vapor of e-cigs. In fact, nicotine can be found is everything from potatoes to tomatoes, eggplant, and green peppers. What’s next? Is the CDC going to push for a teenage ban against French fries and Pizza? Good luck with that.

Is the CDC lying about e-cigs and vaping?

Strangely, almost every press release or interview that a CDC representative gives on the topic of e-cigs and vaping involves some sort of supporting documentation from the FDA, the very agency that keeps trying to take over the regulation of the vaping industry. Maybe the FDA just wants to fill its coffers with billions of extra tax dollars from vape shop owners and retailers. Or maybe the FDA is just as power-hungry as nearly every other political organization in Washington, DC.

Fortunately, the House of Representatives voted just last week to pump the breaks on the FDA anti-vaping regulations, voting 31-19 to pass FDA Amendment HR 2058 which would save over 99% of the current vaping and e-cig products on the market today. Why is the CDC lying about e-cigs and vaping? Maybe the better question is, “Why is the CDC trying to help the FDA take over vaping?”