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Best Menthol, Period

Sometimes your juice gets lost in the mail, and then you're all out, so you just find a local vape shop to get something to use in the meantime. This was how I discovered Rasta Vapors and Tropwen specifically. I described precisely what I was looking for in a juice--sharply cool peppermint, more burn than sweet, not too tobacco-y, and with an excellent throat hit--and the clerk introduced me to Tropwen, which is exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, that shop closed, but before it did, they directed me to the Rasta Vapor site so I could keep getting my juice. Tropwen itself is perfect. I've tried others, but none give me the same flavor intensity and enjoyment that it does. If you're looking for something that feels and tastes like the best menthol ever, look no further: this is the one.

My go to

I have tried hundreds and hundreds of ejuices. I have found others I like but eventually get sick of them. Snake bite however is my go to and have been using it for 2 years now and never get sick of it. Now it is all I buy except for the occasional swaggerific for a treat. Best quality juice I have ever found and the price is awesome

Damn!!!! We love to hear things like this! Thanks for taking the time to review! Keep on Keeping on fam, Much ❤ from all of use a Rasta Vapors!
One of my favorite

Love this ..I only vap max VG the flavor is amazing.

Thank you for your review! Much ♥
Love the juice

I love this juice and i like the new packaging! Thanks guys!

Full flavors

You can taste each one of the flavors. The cotton candy is dead on. And the raspberry complements the cranberry great flavor for someone who likes pizzazz

This is one of my all day vapes as well :) its a hidden little secret on our wild flavor menu! Thank you again for taking the time to review everything you scooped up!

Who’s REALLY behind the anti-vaping legislation?

Type the word “vaping” into your web browser, and a barrage of anti-vaping articles and “news stories” will magically appear on-screen. Most of these articles love to cite references to the US Food and Drug Administration, The American Cancer Society, and a long list of other national agencies that were specifically created to protect the health of the American public. Journalists refer to these agencies as a way to give credibility to their writing. But the truth behind this anti-vaping campaign is far more ominous than you might think.

Who is behind it all?

The answer might or might not surprise you. Big Tobacco is the leading force behind the anti-vaping movement! The Tobacco Industry may not be solely responsible, but it is behind a substantial portion of the anti-vaping propaganda being spread like wildfire across the web and TV airwaves. It all began way back in 1994, believe it or not. Big Tobacco was taking a Big Hit, as millions of class action lawsuits were being filed on behalf of those who had either died or become chronically ill through smoking tobacco cigarettes. The lawsuits were so massive and so widespread that Big Tobacco eventually issued the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) just to put the whole issue behind them.

How much money did Big Tobacco Lose?

Big Tobacco paid out billions of dollars in financial settlements to some 48 states. And per the MSA document, they will continue to pay even more billions of dollars well into 2025. Meanwhile, President Clinton put a rather large tax-hike on cigarettes around this same time. The American public was beginning to quit smoking completely, and tobacco cigarettes were becoming more and more socially unacceptable almost overnight. By the year 2000, smokers were banished from nearly every bar and restaurant in the country. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

How are they going to get it back?

Since 1998, the coffers of Big Tobacco have been dwindling at a rapid pace. From 1998 to 2010, sales dropped steadily and dramatically by a rate of three-percent annually. But strangely, the vaping community has seen a surge in sales and popularity that is in direct opposition to Big Tobacco’s declines. As of 2015, vaping is an over $3.5 billion dollar industry in the US alone. In the UK, it’s about $6 billion euros per year. The money that used to go towards purchasing Marlboros and Virginia Slims is now ending up in the pockets of local vape shops and online vape sites.

This is why Big Tobacco wants all of these proposed vaping regulations and restrictions passed. Big Tobacco knows that the typical small business owner can’t afford to pay all those extra FDA-approval fees and tax requirements. If vape shops are forced to close around the country, maybe their customers will return to being loyal customers of Big Tobacco. The scary thing is that the FDA is completely oblivious to all of this political manipulation. By choosing to fight the vaping community rather than to embrace it, the US Government is essentially driving millions of American consumers back into the loving and welcoming arms of Big Tobacco who has been waiting in the lurch since 1998.