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Grape ape

Ordered with flavor boost and wow. Excellent flavor. I have used rasta vapes before and i wish i would have found them sooner. Thank you rasta vapes for excellent juice. Best i had hands down

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Best juice ever !! I have been actually using it for years . I stepped away for a bit due to having to wait on shipping but I am back . Missed this yummy juice .

What is Steeping E-Juice or E-Liquid?

There seems to be a great deal of mystery surrounding the term “steeping”. This is simply a technical term that means “to soak or be soaked in a liquid to extract more flavor”. When we are talking about steeping an e-juice or e-liquid, this usually means placing your juice in a cool, dark place for an extended period of time to allow for the aroma and taste to mature and strengthen. Some believe that it can enhance the vaping experience, but it is all a matter of personal preference.

Why Steeping is Sometimes Used

Whether or not you decide to steep your ejuices and eliquids will be completely up to you. Consumers can buy these products from all sorts of place, online e-stores, local drug stores, and holistic nutritional shops. And each brand of e-juice can have a different level of flavors. Some people even order custom-made mixtures of combinations of different juices while also requesting other additives be included as well. Regardless of whether you buy your e-juice already pre-made or specially handcrafted, you can always sample the product right away. If it is not as rich and flavorful as you might like, then steeping may be a quick and easy way to enhance your level of satisfaction.

A Quick Steeping Process

Have you ever noticed that when you leave a glass of orange juice out in the open for a few hours, the taste and color begin to change and become more intense? This same thing can happen to our e-juices and e-liquids, too. A simple method of steeping might be to first shake or swirl your bottle before each use, in order to evenly distribute the larger particles and ingredients throughout the total concoction. This will produce a stronger flavor. But if this isn’t enough, a more lengthy process can use easily implemented.

A More Extensive Steeping Process

One common method is to first boil some water. Place it in a bowl after it has cooled for a minute or so. Then take you e-juice bottle and gently submerge it into the water. Of course, you will want to make certain that the top of the bottle is tightly fastened first. Then simply leave the e-juice in the bowl of water overnight.

The next step is to then take the bottle of e-juice out of the bowl and store it in a cool, dark place. You will want to take the cap off of the bottle, which allows for the oxidation process to occur more rapidly. This oxidation process is what will help transform and intensify the aroma and taste of the liquid, making it stronger and more flavorful over time. Some people leave their e-juices oxidizing for several days. If this is your first time, you might want to test the bottle every day or so until it reaches your preferred level of intensity.

The Combo-Method

Now there are some people who skip the part about boiling water altogether. Instead, they simply take the cap off of the ejuice bottle and store it away in a closet corner for a few days after first giving it a good shake. This works, too. But many believe that steeping the eliquid in boiling water can actually enhance the overall vaping experience. 

Rasta Vapors eLiquid Steeping

All of our eJuice is really made to vape right away, we do have some flavors like Blueberry Babylon that we say it does taste better over time, but once again its all personal preference. So with all these different ways of steeping just have fun and experiment. There really is no “wrong” way to do it.