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What is a ‘Vape Mod?’

The term “mod” is short for “modification,” and a vape mod can refer to any number of adjustments that make the device more powerful or functional in some way. The modification might allow the vape pen to increase the amount of vapor produced, enhance the flavor of the e-juice, or even intensify the level of throat hit. They may have more powerful batteries, abilities to use multiple coils, or include modified tanks for different purposes. Normally, a vape mod is bigger and bulkier than a traditional vape pen, which usually means that they are far less portable and user-friendly as a result.

How did vape mods come about?

In the early days of vaping, experienced users often wanted more bang for their buck. So, they began self-modifying their vaping pens using all sorts of jerry-rigged enhancements to improve the battery and functionality of their pens. As manufactures began to take notice, they then began offering mod kits to the public to make things easier. Now we have a wide selection of “Mechanical Vape Mods” that are much more stable with more durable hardware.

Am I missing something by not upgrading to a Vape Mod?

Absolutely not! Vape pens like the Kanger EMOW are awesome for the majority of vapers, especially beginners and normal everyday users. Vape modding is reserved to those diehard enthusiasts who really know what they’re doing. The main reason for their desire to modify the pen in the first place is usually to increase the power or lifespan of the battery charge or wattage. But with the increasing popularity of vaping in recent years, today’s non-mod vape pens have batteries that last much longer and are more powerful than ever while offering slimmer, sleeker designs that are highly portable at the same time. The bulkier vape mods are usually so large in size that they can only be used at home and in private.

                                                        Example of a Bigger, Bulkier Vape Mod

                                                            Example of a Bigger, Bulkier Vape Mod

Should I give a vape mod a try?

Most long-time vapers will rarely recommend switching to a vape mod until you have gained a lot of experience. These devices are not for newbies or beginners by any means. It would be like giving a teenager a custom-built, souped-up Ferrari for his sixteenth birthday. Too much power can be dangerous if you don’t have enough experience already under your belt. But if you have the extra money and want to try one out, go for it! Just don’t be surprised if you switch back to your more portable vape pen after a few days. Most of us don’t need all that extra power on a daily basis.