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What sweet and delicious E-liquid for a true Max VG. The Clementine In it just tops it off causing taste buds to dance then go in for another draw. My fav! Thank you!!

So good!

You can taste all the flavors, it’s a delicious blend of berries, cream and vanilla!


Received quickly. Vanilla Kretek has a nice smooth taste. Very close to Vanilla Djarums.

I love this stuff...

I’ve been vaping the viscid range for years now, particularly rusty nails. This stuff goes really well with a nice cup of coffee 👍

Vaping with Matt: A Newbie’s Perspective Part I

Vaping with Matt

Having been a smoker for most of my adult life, I struggled with finding a way to quit that wouldn’t make me crazy in the process. After all, I work in an office environment as a structural engineer, designing and building multi-million dollar military projects for the US Government. These guys can be extremely demanding and even a little bit scary. Then there is the internal staff of over 100 drafters, subcontractors, and “bosses” that I was forced to deal with on a daily basis. Losing my temper due to cigarette withdrawal simply isn’t an option.

After all, it’s 2015. Smoking cigarettes has been considered “unhip” for nearly twenty years now. I didn’t even smoke publically at the office for fear of being judged or passed over for a promotion. I would sneak out to my car during lunch, go for a long drive, and chain smoke about six cigarettes just to get me through the day. So, no one would really be all that understanding if I suddenly began to go through massive mood swings because I was jonesing for a smoke.

I had tried chewing nicotine gum, but this method didn’t curb my oral fixation for the long, cool drag of a menthol cigarette. I also kept a huge stash of Dum-Dum lollipops in my bottom desk drawer, reaching for one during times of stress at the office. This helped a little. Then there was “the patch.” From the research that I’d read, this didn’t really work all that well either and cost a small fortune to buy on a weekly basis. Then I discovered vaping.

I got my first EMOW Ecig Starter Kit in the mail on a Saturday. The time had come. The box sat unopened on my dining room table all weekend, even as I continued to stop by the local mini-mart every day to buy my daily fix of Salems. “That’s okay,” I told myself. “Monday will be a better day to quit anyway.” Then Monday turned into Tuesday. By Tuesday evening, I was so sick of looking at that unopened EMOW box that I decided to see what was inside.

I opened the box. Honestly, I was 100% shocked at how impressive the design of this vaping pen was. I guess that I was expecting the thing to look like a standard e-cigarette that you might buy at the local convenience store. But this thing was big, sturdy, and expensive-looking. The high-gloss black finish and the sheer weight of the device made me feel powerful, confident, and even a little bit “cool.” Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all. Tuesday night, I crumbled the last pack of Salems, threw them in the garbage, and took to my vape pen and ejuice.