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Vaping with Matt: A Newbie’s Perspective Part 7

Vaping with Matt: Part 6.”

Now that I have become somewhat of an experienced vaper, many of my friends are beginning to ask me a lot of questions. The Internet is filled with misinformation about the “hazards of vaping.” Just Google the word “vaping”, and a long list of news articles will magically appear, many of which make claims that the water vapor contains everything from formaldehyde to toxic metals. So naturally, my friends are more than a bit concerned for my welfare.

After informing my friends that these bogus reports are largely just propaganda being spread across the Internet by the tobacco industry, many of my friends are interested in switching to vaping but have no idea where to begin. They’ve tried those convenience store e-cigs, but most of my friends are left unimpressed. E-cig manufacturers like to brag that a single e-cig will last just as long as 1 ½ or perhaps 2 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. But for those of us who have actually tried them, we know that this is simply not true. I tell my friends that vaping provides more control, lasts longer, and offers an infinite variety of flavors. Then I pull out my spare vape pen, and let them try it out.

Just like me, Newbies tend to choke a bit on their very first puff of a vape pen. The reason for this is because the vapor inhaled from any sort of vaping device is very different from the chemical-infused smoke inhaled from a traditional cigarette. At first, our bodies are not quite sure how to process this new foreign substance. So we automatically cough it out. But if we begin by taking only a few short drags of the vape pen without swallowing the smoke, then this gives the body time to adjust to the healthier water vapor.

When I smoked tobacco cigarettes, I loved to inhale the smoke deeply into my lungs. But with my vape pen, I inhale almost like I would a cigar. Otherwise, I get that intense tickling in the back of the throat that leads to the coughing and wheezing. The experienced vapers call this “throat hit” or “lung hit.” And most of us felt the very same sensation when we first put a tobacco cigarette into our mouths for the very first time, too. But the great thing about vaping is that the vaper is so much healthier for us than tobacco cigarettes. So taking the time to re-learn how to inhale with a vape pen is well worth the extra time.