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Vaping with Matt: A Newbie’s Perspective Part 6

Vaping with Matt: Part 5.”

After vaping for nearly two months, I’ve purchased four different blends of e-juice, bought an extra vaping kit, and visited some local Vape Lounges in Washington, DC. I’ve found some experienced vapers on Facebook and Twitter who have answered many of my questions about cleaning and maintenance. And I’ve made a lot of friends along the way. It’s been a fun ride.

Now at six weeks into vaping, I’ve discovered that my urge to smoke traditional cigarettes has finally left for good. Experimenting with other blends that were fruity and sweet really took all the fun out of smoking those nasty Salems. My vaping habits have even decreased a bit over the past couple of weeks, too. When I first began this journey, I took my vape pen with me everywhere. I’d pick it up and use it almost non-stop throughout the day. I work from home, so I could use it whenever I liked without having to worry about offending someone.

Now I can go for hours without having to vape. My initial goal was to quit smoking altogether, but now I vape for pure enjoyment. I am no longer “addicted” to smoking OR vaping. It’s just a fun thing to do while laying around in bed watching television. I also still enjoy vaping in the morning with a big, steaming cup of joe. Since vaping doesn’t come with any sort of health risks, I consider this a simple guilty pleasure, like playing basketball with my buddies or having a beer after work.

It’s almost time for me to buy some more e-juice. I haven’t tried any of the clove blends yet, so I think I will choose the Vanilla Krete and the Orange Maluku. Although, my favorite so far is the Chocoberry. It’s both sweet and fruity, almost like sucking on a Tootsie Pop, those lollipops with the tootsie roll center. It’s tempting to just load up on that one flavor. But with so many others to choose from, I still want to sample as many of the e-juices as I can.

As my need to vape constantly throughout the day begins to subside, my energy levels are still on the rise. I’ve been hitting the gym more frequently. And since beginning this vaping experiment, I’ve lost 15 pounds. The funny thing about smoking tobacco cigarettes is that I was so addicted to the oral gratification. If I wasn’t putting a cigarette to my lips, I was eating or drinking something instead. Smoking just made me very, very anxious and nervous. Vaping has helped me return to that more relaxed and easy-going nature that I used to have when I was a non-smoking college kid.