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Vaping with Matt: A Newbie’s Perspective Part 5

Vaping with Matt: Part 4.”

After vaping for about a month, I found myself flying into Washington, DC for a business trip. Once I got to my hotel room, I remembered reading online about some vaping lounges that had recently opened in the city. I Googled some of them, and found two that looked like good prospects. So, one night I took my smartphone with GPS and headed out.

The first place was called the  “DC Vape Joint.” To be completely honest, I wasn’t all that impressed. This was not really a “lounge” but more of modified drug store with glass cases filled with prepackaged e-juices and vaping pens. While it was nice to see other lines of products, the prices were astronomical compared to what you can get online.

Next, I ventured into “Vape in Paradyse.” This is located in one of the high class suburbs of DC called Falls Church. Now this place was cool, even though it was a bit tough to find. The vaping lounge is located in a loft space directly above a restaurant called “Café Metro.” As soon as I walked in the dimly lit establishment, I was immediately greeted by a young lady wearing a leather bikini. This was not at all what I expected, but I certainly did like the view.

It was 5 pm on a Friday evening, and Vape In Paradyse was right in the middle of its Happy Hour. Not only were they offering $10 specials on their specially concocted e-juice blends, but the scantily clad bikini-girl also informed me that they offered $5 mixed drinks and $2 beers, too. Now this was my kind of lounge. I hadn’t expected alcohol to be served. But now that it was being offered, I agreed to a Heineken before wandering over to the vaping bar to see what they had to offer.

A guy named Cinco greeted me with a big smile and a friendly “What’s up, Dude?” I told him that I was new to vaping, and Cinco was all too anxious to ask me about my favorite blends. Since I had only experimented with three or four flavors up to this point, Cinco was very generous with his samples. I tried a Peach Cobbler mixture, which tasted like real peaches and ice cream. I tried another sample that tasted like butter-topped popcorn from the local movie theatre. But my favorite was probably the coconut-flavored e-juice. It was very sweet, almost like a dessert. And since it was Happy Hour, the price was very affordable. So I bought a bottle for the road.

Vape In Paradyse had lots of comfortable seating. There were your traditional bar tables and stools in some areas and comfy red-leather sofas in others. There was music thumping overhead, but you could still converse with other vapers without having to shout. And the staff was super-friendly. The vibe was chill, and the customers were very outgoing. It was a very easy place to make new friends and learn about vaping. I’ll definitely revisit this place again on my next trip to Washington, DC.


                                                    Courtesy of Vape in Paradyse, Washington, DC