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Vaping with Matt: A Newbie’s Perspective Part 4

Vaping with Matt: Part 3.”

After my very short relapse back to traditional cigarettes, I took to my vape pen once again. This time around, I decided to find some online communities, hoping to meet other vapers from around the world who had turned to vaping as a means to quit smoking. I logged onto Facebook, and began my search. I joined a couple of interesting groups and began chatting with some of the members.

What I found is that there are some really diehard vapers out there who really know their stuff. There are people who mix their own e-juices, those who modify their vaping pens to burn weed and other “substances”, and political activists who are deeply committed to fighting proposed legislation against the vaping industry. America is not the only country that vapes. People from countries like Pakistan, Denmark, and Great Britain are also anxious to share their stories. I now have some very good Facebook friends, people that I actually chat with several times a week, who are anxious to teach me everything they know about vaping.

Here are some things that I learned along the way:

  • Long-time vapers recommend cleaning the battery head every so often because e-juice can sometimes leak into the reservoir and cause damage.
  • For the best results, avoid using water to clean out your tank. Not only can water damage the coil, but it can also ruin the vaping device by causing it to rust. Instead, use high-grain, unflavored alcohol but never use isopropyl alcohol which is extremely toxic.
  • Use a cotton swab to clean your tank. It works perfectly for those tiny spaces. Make sure to let the tank air-dry for about 30-minutes before refilling the chamber with e-juice.
  • If you like to switch back-and-forth between two or three different flavors, it’s easier to simply buy some extra tanks than to keep cleaning the device repeatedly. It’s also better for the lifespan of the vaping pen, too.
  • Coils need to be changed every ten to fourteen days. You’ll be able to tell when it’s time for a change by the burnt after-taste of the e-juice.
  • Avoid leaving your vaping pen in direct sunlight for long periods of time. In other words, don’t leave it sitting on your car’s dashboard for ten hours a day while you are at work. The excessive heat can cause leakage or even completely destroy your tank. Heat and sunlight can change the taste of the e-juice, too.
  • If you want your e-juice to last a long time while keeping its flavor, store the bottles in the refrigerator (not the freezer).

I can’t tell you how many little tips and tricks that I learned along the way. There are vaping communities on nearly every form of social media. One of my favorites in on Google +. Those guys are really into their politics. Apparently, every nation around the world is trying to impose harsher restrictions of the vaping industry, not just the good ole USA. So, jump online and make some vaping buddies if you really want to quit smoking forever. What I have found is that all vapers have one thing in common, regardless of their national origin: Experienced vapers always love to help out the newbies and are very willing to answer your questions, no matter how trivial.