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Jack Frost


Orange Maluku
Brian V (Sylmar, US)
Great Clove Flavor

Got this along with the Vanilla Kretek type. While the vanilla one is a little more djarum type flavor, I actually prefer this one with the hint of orange flavor.

Vanilla Kretek
Brian V (Sylmar, US)
Djarum Flavor

Do like this vape, it's very similar to Djarum. Its a little light on the flavor so I might try it with a boost next time.

Dark Star
Brian V (Sylmar, US)
Good Flavor

Got this with the flavor boost, really like it. Best as a morning vape.

Marshall McCutchen (Tulsa, US)
It's good.

I enjoy this. It's where I ended up after trying several different brands and flavors shortly after Volcano inexplicably turned thier Tobacco Pure flavor into a sented candle like flavor.

Vaping with Matt: A Newbie’s Perspective Part 3

Vaping with Matt: Part 2.”

Vaping has been a fun and enjoyable experience. Once I picked up the EMOW, I had gone a full two weeks without picking up a cigarette. The counter girl at the local convenience store where I usually bought my cigarettes had even taken notice that I was no longer smoking. I was feeling energetic and receiving positive reinforcement from perfect strangers. Life was good.

Then, 14-days into vaping, I had a short relapse. One day I woke up CRAVING a tobacco cigarette. I couldn’t explain it. Why, all of a sudden, did I have this unquenchable urge to smoke? I tricked myself into thinking that I could simply purchase a single pack of Salems, smoke only one, and go back to vaping. Boy, was I wrong.

Yes, I hate to admit it, but I did buy a pack of cigarettes. I pulled one out, lit it, and took a deep, long drag. My head immediately felt light and dizzy. Two weeks without tar, nicotine, and chemicals had really had an effect on my tolerance levels. But, I had already bought the Salems, and so I kept smoking them for the next few hours. By 5 o’clock, I felt downright sick to my stomach. I crushed the remaining cigarettes and threw them in the garbage. Yuck! I was going back to vaping.

I can’t really explain why I had this sudden relapse. I believe it was more psychological than physical. When I smoked traditional cigarettes, I usually began my mornings with a stout cup of coffee and a few cigarettes as I gathered my thoughts for the coming day’s events. I really loved this part of my morning when everything is quiet and peaceful. The coffee and cigarettes were like old, trusted friends. I think that I simply missed this dynamic duo, which sent me running back to the convenience store to rekindle our long-lost friendship.

But my old friend “Salem” wasn’t as fun to be around this time. She made me feel tired, lethargic, and nauseous. So, Salem and I would have to part ways forever. Like an old girlfriend who ventures back into town for a one-night stand, it’s rarely as good as you remember it. I had romanticized my relationship with tobacco cigarettes, and now I knew for sure. The relationship was over, once and for all.