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Vaping will boost your sex life

Sex and VapingIt’s no secret that smoking can lead to all sorts of medical disorders, but did you know that switching to vaping might actually boost your sex life? Traditional tobacco cigarettes fill our bodies with massive amounts of harmful toxins that can deplete our energy levels, decrease our stamina, and even greatly reduce sexual desire. If you can’t get in the mood, then it really doesn’t matter how much energy or stamina you have, does it?

What does the science say?

Science has already proven a direct link between smoking cigarettes and sterility, impotence, and erectile dysfunction in men. 25 percent of all men over the age of 20 will experience one of these disorders within their lifetime, and smokers are 60 percent more likely to develop erectile dysfunction that non-smokers. Women smokers are also at a substantially higher risk of losing their libido, especially as they approach the age of 40 and beyond. Vaping might be the perfect solution.

Smoking reduces our bodies’ ability to process oxygen needed to maintain a healthy blood flow, and nicotine has been proven to lower testosterone production and constrict the blood vessels as well. These are all very important components of great sex. This means that even younger smokers are witnessing a direct negative effect on their sexual performance in the bedroom, even though they may not even be fully aware that a problem exists until years later.

How vaping can improve your sex life.

The vaping industry is still considered a relatively new area of scientific research, so there is not a great deal of data available that proves conclusively that vaping premium eJuice will make you a more amorous lover in the bedroom. But there are volumes of medical research that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how devastating smoking tobacco cigarettes can be to your sex life. Here are the primary benefits that experienced vapers witness almost immediately after turning to vaping:

  • Increased Stamina: The harmful tar and harsh chemicals contained in nicotine cigarettes reduces respiratory functions and decreases the absorption of oxygen in the blood. These factors will automatically decrease stamina in the bedroom. But vaping devices greatly reduce tar and chemicals to almost zero, helping you to perform longer and increase sexual performance.
  • Increased libido: Smoking nicotine cigarettes can make us feel overly tired and lethargic due to the debilitating effects that it produces on the heart and lungs. Those who first make the switch to vaping almost always witness an immediate boost in physical energy levels throughout the day. If we have more energy, it’s far easier to “get in the mood” that when we are feeling fatigued and sluggish. Vapers almost always report an increase in libido within the very first weeks of making the switch. If you miss the flavor, try our tobacco eliquid flavors.
  • Increased physical sensations: Have you ever quit smoking in the past, if only for a few days? Did you notice any odd changes in your sense of taste and smell? Of course you did. Once we get off nicotine, we can smell someone smoking a cigarette from several yards away. Our food tastes better, too. The nicotine, tar, and other toxic chemicals in tobacco cigarettes simply wreak havoc on all areas of the body’s sensory perception, even our sense of touch. And non-smokers can smell the odor of stale tobacco that permeates the smoker’s, hair, teeth, and clothes. Brushing our teeth before sex is simply not going to get rid of the “unsexy” stench of cigarette smoke completely. If your partner is a non-smoker or if you simply want to broaden the dating pool, switch to vaping. Your sex life will undoubtedly improve by leaps and bounds.