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Vaping St. John’s Wort for depression is faster and cheaper

Goatweed, Klamath weed, and Tipton’s weed are street slang for the legal herb St. John’s Wort, a miraculous feel-good plant that when vaped can be useful in aiding depression. Many people suffering from this ailment of the mind and spirit often buy over-the-counter variations that come in pill form, capsules, and liquids. There are also oils, oil-based lotions, and other ointments that allow a transdermal transferal of the plant’s medicinal properties. But vaping has its own unique benefits and advantages.

For one thing, vaping St. John’s Wort allows the user to receive its healing and mood stabilizing properties much faster. When anything is ingested by chewing or swallowing, it must first travel through the body’s digestive system. In the process, a significant percentage of the nutrients and other ingredients are destroyed by the enzymes and acids of the stomach. All of this takes time, which delays the natural healing effects of the St. John’s Wort.

Secondly, the time and energy that it takes the human body to process and digest the product further diminishes the potency of the herb – up to 60 percent or more, in fact. Vaping, on the other hand, avoids these digestive processes completely. The St. John’s Wort gets into the bloodstream almost instantly, and the patient begins feel its magical effects almost instantly, as well.

Meanwhile, the patient needs to use only a fraction of the amount of product when vaping compared to orally while still receiving the same amount of depression-aiding benefits. To put this another way, it takes less St. John’s Wort to achieve the same levels of related health effects compared to pills and edibles, which saves consumers money.

Choosing a vaporizer to vape St. John’s Wort

There are liquid forms of St. John’s Wort, but they can be difficult to locate and perhaps even a bit pricy. Since the herbal versions do not work well with a conventional vape mod or e-cigarette, many patients turn to more specialized vaporizers, bongs, and pipes instead.

The website Dabdude specializes in these types of contraptions, and their customer service is excellent. The Vapir Rise Vaporizer [MR1] is a table top model where the user can fill the room with the sweet aroma of vaporized St. John’s Wort. Looking for something that handles more like a vape mod? Dabdude offers several brands and models, including the Pulsar Go Vaporizer with a mouthpiece made of hand-blown glass. It’s very pocket-friendly, comes with a ceramic power pad, and offers 5-second heating.

Not sure which one is right for you? Shoot Dabdude an email. This team of experts is always willing to help newbies. Before vaping St. John’s Wort, always consult a physician. Mixing this herb with certain medications is sometimes not recommended.