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Vaping is as non-toxic as ‘puffing room air,’ says e-cig study

The results of a new vaping study may be so amazing that vapers themselves might find them truly surprising. Public health agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) often demonized vaping in the press. They tend to claim that more evidence is needed before they can rule that e-cigs are a safer alternative to smoking. Yet, new research indicates that vaping is as safe as inhaling every day, normal air.

Scientists have known for decades that combustible tobacco cigarettes are filled with thousands of unnecessary chemical additives whose express purpose is to keep smokers addicted. The vaping phenomenon arose out of the desire for smokers to rid themselves of their dependence on these toxic substances and to live a healthier lifestyle. A new report published in the Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology compared the toxicity levels of five brands of e-cigs to those of Marlboro cigarettes, and the results were truly frightening.

Marlboro vs. Blu e-cigs

Co-authors Rana Tayyarah and Gerald Long from Big Tobacco’s Lorillard Company began their research by measuring the e-cig vapor produced from two brands of SKYCigs and three brands of Blu e-cigarettes. They measured for trace metal levels that include carbonyls, carbon monoxide, volatiles, phenolics, polyaromatic amines, tobacco-specific nitrosamines, and several trace metals.

In a separate room from the e-cig tests, they then measured the smoke produced from a Marlboro Gold cigarette. As a basis for comparison, the research team also measured the air quality of a smoke-free laboratory for these same substances. What the researchers discovered is that combustible tobacco smoke is 1500 times more toxic than the vapor produced from any of the five e-cigarettes.

“The aerosol collected mass (ACM) of the e-cigarette samples was similar in composition to the e-liquids. Aerosol nicotine for the e-cigarette samples was 85% lower than nicotine yield for the conventional cigarettes. Analysis of the smoke from conventional cigarettes showed that the mainstream cigarette smoke delivered approximately 1500 times more harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) tested when compared to e-cigarette aerosol or to puffing room air.“

To put an even finer point on their scientific discoveries, the scientists were forced to produce 99 puffs of an e-cig before they could even detect any measurable levels of the trace metals and other toxins. In fact, the e-cig vapor exhibited the same levels of toxins as those found in the normal, everyday air. Meanwhile, only a single puff of the Marlboro cigarette produced deadly levels of all associated toxicities.