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No Tropwen No Life

I smoke for about four years every day. It is a favorite liquid.
Love Love Love!!!!

Isshimoe, thank you for the review :) Tropwen is the best! We love your support!
Just got this bad boy in and love it

great little piece nice and glsassy!

love this juice

best flavor best price what more can you ask for


Swag IS the best fruity flavor out there!


I have smoked tropwen for three years. I can not live without this.

Vaping & diabetes: Research shows lavender oils regulate blood glucose

Vaping has shown to be 95 percent less harmful than smoking according to Public Health England and numerous other public health organizations, but additional research now shows that vaping the lavender plant may benefit patients suffering from diabetes, as well. The ancient Egyptians were very fond of this dry herb, using it for all sort of medical ailments. In addition to prescribing lavender as an anti-inflammatory and to expedite the healing of burns and cuts, they also mummified their pharaohs and queens with lavender because they believed that it had secret anti-aging properties. Many of today’s scientists also agree.

In 2017, a group of researchers from Tunisia discovered that the use of lavender oils applied to the skin can reduce blood glucose levels and may even reverse the progression of diabetes entirely. By applying these oils to the skin of laboratory rodents, the Tunisian scientists discovered that lavender can provide all sort of medical advantages to patients suffering from diabetes, including the following.

  • Vaping lavender reduces blood glucose levels.
  • Vaping lavender aids in weight reduction.
  • Vaping lavender acts as a natural appetite suppressant.
  • Vaping lavender increases metabolism.
  • Vaping lavender reduces kidney and liver lipoperoxidation (damage caused by free radicals “stealing” essential fat molecules from cells in the kidney and liver).
  • Vaping lavender reduces kidney and liver antioxidant depletion.

The Tunisian study entitled Lavender (Lavandula stoechas L.) essential oils attenuate hyperglycemia and protect against oxidative stress in alloxan-induced diabetic rats is published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NCBI). Since the current research involves only tests performed on animal subjects, the Tunisian researchers readily admit that more research is needed before they can definitively claim that lavender oil reverses diabetes. But they firmly believe that they are on the right track and plan to conduct more extensive research in the coming years.

Other secret side effects of vaping lavender

A second study published in 2013 in the medical journal Phytomedicine (NCBI) states that lavender oils improve mood, help regulate sleeping patterns, enhance skin complexion and healthier hair, and can even very useful as a headache and migraine remedy. Meanwhile, many vapers may be somewhat surprised to learn that vaping lavender buds is also quite tasty. It also envelopes the room with a fragrant aroma when dry herb vaporizers are filled with this magical bud, which is always a nice extra perk. So, even if the FDA decides to ban flavored e-liquids, vapers now have lots of legal dry herbs – including lavender – that can quench those nasty temptations to smoke while simultaneously offering several other health benefits.