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Vaping Booze: Is this really safe?

Vaping alcohol is not an entirely new trend. In the 1950’s, doctors used this technique as a treatment for curing pulmonary edema, or the excess buildup of fluid in the lungs. But with the increasing popularity of vaping in recent years, many people are beginning to experiment with vaporized alcohol as a recreational alternative to getting drunk. But is vaping booze really safe?

The Benefits

Those who engage in this process claim that vaping alcohol gives a nearly instantaneous high. When we drink a beer or a gin-and-tonic, the alcohol first must travel through the digestive system before it is absorbed into the bloodstream which produces the desired feelings of intoxication. When we vape our booze, this time-consuming process is completely eliminated. The alcohol is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs, and we immediately feel high.

Some proponents even suggest that vaping booze reduces a significant amount of the caloric intake associated with traditional binge drinking. Since the alcohol is inhaled without the added calories of all those usual fillers, sweeteners, and mixers, booze vapers claim to see far less weight gain. Many also claim that because vaping bypasses the liver entirely, there is no dreaded hangover the following morning.

The Warnings

It should be noted that vaping alcohol comes with its fair share of dangers. For example, when we drink our alcoholic beverages instead of vaping them, the risk of overdosing is much less. If we drink too much alcohol and begin approaching the level of “alcohol poisoning,” the body will naturally begin to eliminate the excess by causing us to vomit to prevent an overdose from occurring. However, when vaping our booze, there is no way for the body to expel the excess from our systems. Once it’s inhaled, there is no going back.

Another concern with vaping spirits is that there is no effective way to measure the amount of alcohol consumed. When we drink our booze, we tend to count the number of beverages consumed over a certain length of time. This helps us to regulate the “high” and the physical effects. Some in the medical community also warn of numerous possible negative health issues that might result from over-indulging and regular vaping of alcohol. Since the booze is essentially absorbed directly into the lungs, this could lead to all sorts of respiratory infections, such as bronchospasm, pneumonia, or pneumonitis. Before vaping your booze, do your homework. Vaping alcohol can be a lot of fun, but be responsible and don’t overdo it.


                                                          (Courtesy of Carbreathalyzerhelp.com)