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Vaping and synthetic drugs: Get ready for the backlash!

More potentially devastating anti-vaping propaganda is hitting the airwaves this week as CNN and loads of local news stations are reporting an increase in the use of vaping devices to ingest synthetic drugs. In South Florida, police are seeing our products being used to vape a very deadly street drug called Flakka. And because vaping-in-public is not illegal in the Sunshine State, abusers of these synthetic drugs can go virtually undetected.

This is all we need: more fuel for politicians to shove those FDA restrictions down our throats. And for advocates of the vaping community, this latest public outrage is going to be almost impossible to defend. Most of us in the vaping industry agree with the proposed federal regulations banning the selling of vape pens, mods, and e-juices to minors. We also promote responsible vaping practices in public, especially in venues where non-smokers traditionally visit. The vaping community must take the side of law enforcement on this new “illegal drug” issue. Otherwise, we may find ourselves out of business completely.

According to the CNN report, Dr. Cunha from Holy Cross Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale says that he regularly witnesses patients and their visiting loved ones vaping in the very hospital rooms themselves. This sort of incomprehensible activity by those in our very own vaping community is going to be our downfall.

Even though vaping is most metropolitan areas is still considered “legal,” we don’t want to force our vape clouds on those who don’t yet understand the technology. Still, there are always some bad apples that spoil the whole batch for the rest of us. How can we defend drug abusers who use our products to inhale illegal and perhaps even deadly substances? The vaping industry was built on the premise that our products are far healthier than tobacco cigarettes. Now we have to fight “The War on Drugs”, too? Fantastic!

The vaping industry is already battling a barrage of very negative claims that we are too “kid-friendly.” With the CDC constantly hitting the Internet with a new unsubstantiated report almost every week, stating that usage of e-cigs by minors is tripling and quadrupling every school year, now we have to take on this new fight of vaping devices being used illegally to smoke everything from Flakka to Crack. Once the media puts these two stories together and essentially begins to make false accusations that the vaping industry is allegedly pushing illegal drugs on children, we may be DOOMED!

Vape Responsibly!