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No Tropwen No Life

I smoke for about four years every day. It is a favorite liquid.
Love Love Love!!!!

Isshimoe, thank you for the review :) Tropwen is the best! We love your support!
Just got this bad boy in and love it

great little piece nice and glsassy!

love this juice

best flavor best price what more can you ask for


Swag IS the best fruity flavor out there!


I have smoked tropwen for three years. I can not live without this.

Vape Magazine: Our very own printed publication

For those who still believe that vaping is simply a passing fad, the first-ever printed publication devoted entirely to the vaping industry, Vape Magazine, is tangible proof that e-juices and vape pens are here to stay. This bi-monthly magazine offers valuable insights into all areas of the vaping industry, including editorials debunking the anti-vaping propaganda spewed forth by network news anchors to first-hand reviews of national vaping events and conferences. Vape Magazine is leading the charge to educate both vapers and non-vapers alike on the facts and fiction surrounding our sometimes controversial lifestyle.

(Courtesy of Vape Magazine, Vapemz.com)

The magazine employs a pack of professional journalists who also happen to be die-hard vaping enthusiasts. There are regular columns devoted entirely to e-juice brand reviews, cloud-chasing, the latest advancements in vaping technology, and even the opening of new vape shops around the globe. Here is a small sampling of what to expect from the pages of Vape Magazine.

The magazine offers bi-monthly subscriptions to every country in the world. Vapers can sign up for a 6-month or 1-year subscription where Vape Magazine snail-mails hardcopy versions to the subscriber’s home or business address. Subscribers will also have access to the digital website where they can comment on individual articles and engage in conversation and debate.

The magazine is beginning to draw a considerable amount of attention on the web, too. The publication is mentioned in a news story of The New Orleans Advocate in May of 2014 entitled E-cigarettes Start to Flourish Amid its Health Concerns. And on BringMeTheNews.com,the publication is again featured as the “vape magazine for aficionados.” Meanwhile, vendors and manufacturers are anxious to reference Vape Magazine in press releases and blog posts.

They say, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” And Vape Magazine is leading us into a whole new world where journalistic advocates of the vaping industry take on our politicians in the never-ending fight against federal regulation by way of the printed word. Perhaps more than a few copies will land on the desks of our government officials.