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Twitter goes berserk when Fox Sports shows Sutton manager vaping at FC Cup

A Twitter storm erupted on Saturday when Fox Sports broadcast Manager Paul Doswell of the Sutton United soccer team vaping during a matchup against Wimbledon at the FC Cup. And the comments were not entirely negative. Is it any wonder that Brits and Americans have an entirely different view of public vaping?

When the camera panned to the Sutton manager, even the sports announcers joined in the excitement. Poking fun at Doswell’s attempts to keep calm and relaxed through the unconventional pastime of vaping during a very important soccer match, they joked of his need for stress pipes. Tens of thousands of fans instantly took to Twitter to voice their opinions, most of which were extremely positive.

One viewer named MushMoshiMoshi said, “Big Deal! Not like he was doing a line of coke.” Another fan named Ryan8healey kept his response a bit more succinct by tweeting, “Who gives a single fuck!” One vape enthusiast even posted, “That manager was VAPING on the sidelines! The FA Cup is magical!!!!!”

FC Cup vaping debacle goes viral

This would never happen in the United States. In fact, back at the 2014 Golden Globes, both Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis-Dreyfus openly pulled out their trusty vape pens during the live television coverage. Americans were gobsmacked, but not in the traditional jovial sense of the word commonly used by the Brits.

American audience members wanted Leo and Julia’s heads on a spike, and the following year, vaping was banned for all movie stars and television personalities at the Golden Globes and other awards ceremonies forevermore.

Why does Sutton Manager Paul Doswell get a free pass? When the Chairman of the sports club was asked for comment, Bruce Elliott gave a simple answer that clarifies the issue entirely.

"We don’t pay him. It’s unique. Actually, not only do we not pay him a penny, he sponsors us. So he’s actually paying us to be our manager. "That’s how much he loves this club."

Video of the incident immediately went viral across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. And one thing is clear. In the UK, vaping is considered an infinitely safer and healthier alternative to smoking. In fact, the Royal College of Physicians recommends that all doctors promote vaping and e-cigs as a smoking cessation device.

But not so in America. In the United States, vaping and smoking are considered one-in-the same. Still, vapers have to give Mr. Doswell his props. The man vapes like he doesn’t have a care in the world. To view a video of Sutton Manager Paul Doswell vaping, see the YouTube video online.