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Top Vaping Trends from 2015 (Part 2)

As the vaping industry continues to mature, we are witnessing some growing trends among avid vaping enthusiasts in the past twelve months. This post is a continuation of Monday’s blog entry where we are continuing to discuss the most popular vaping trends of 2015.

5. Sub Ohm Vaping

With the recent surge in popularity of cloudchasing, sub ohm vaping is really taking hold in the vaping community. Even newbie vapers want vaping devices that produce the most massive clouds imaginable. After all, that’s part of the fun of vaping. Plus, sub ohm vaping gives us an extra KICK when we inhale.

6. Temperature Control Vaping

As more and more vapers began to experiment with their vaping devices over the years, we soon discovered that heating the e-juice to higher temperatures changes the overall vaping experience considerably. Burning the e-liquid at a higher temperature boosts the flavor content. So, even the average consumer now realizes that temperature control vaping simply makes our RastaVapors Viscid Collection taste just that much yummier!

7. Rise of Sweeter Flavors

RastaVapors was one of the first industry leaders to offer a wide variety of sweet, dessert flavored e-juices. Take, for example, our biggest seller Rusty Nails. This concoction of vanilla custard, butterscotch, and marshmallow with hints of nuttiness always gets rave reviews online. Other e-liquid producers are now jumping on board the bandwagon by offering tasty flavors like strawberry cheesecake or key lime pie. And it’s not just the teenage girls vaping this sweetness. Big Burly Bikers and Tattooed Muscleheads aren’t afraid to vape these delicious juices either.

8. The Demise of Tobacco Flavors

When RastaVapors first opened our virtual doors, our Cheebs tobacco flavored e-juice was one of our biggest sellers. Today, we rarely ever sell the stuff. And this is the same reaction hitting the Expos and vape shops around the globe. Tobacco flavors are out. Dessert flavors are in!

9. The Vaping Community Bond

2015 has been a wild ride. One of the most amazing vaping trends witnessed this year is the overwhelming support that the vaping community shares with one another. Vape shops support other vape shops. VBloggers promote other VBloggers. And e-juice manufacturers trade recipes with other manufacturers. It’s all a great big, happy community.  

With the vaping industry gaining in public acceptance more and more every day, everyone in the vaping industry knows that there is more than enough business to go around. We don’t have to knock each other down in order to make a living. We get enough of that rubbish from the FDA!

(Courtesy of ecigadvanced.com)