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Top Vaping Trends from 2015 (Part 1)

With the holidays quickly approaching, let’s take a look back over the past year to discover some of the top vaping trends that have changed the vaping industry in 2015. As the possibility of highly restrictive government legislation looms over our heads, many private vape shop owners live in fear that they may soon be run out of the vaping business altogether by the FDA. But 2015 has been the year of impressive technological advancements, creative ingenuity, and pro-vaping political activism. These top vaping trends of 2015 are significant proof that vaping is here to stay!

(Courtesy of Churnmag.com)

1.  Cloudchasing

While vaping enthusiasts have always had a great deal of fun blowing wispy trails of billowy smoke or performing silly vape tricks, we’ve seen an increase in cloudchasing and its effects on the vaping industry in 2015. Today, manufacturers of vaping technology now include cloudchasing as part of their marketing strategies to the average or newbie vaper. When we compare and rate vape devices against one another, one of the primary criteria is the size of the clouds that each pen produces. “The bigger the cloud, the better the vape.”

2.  Mods

Today’s vaper no longer uses first generation vaping pens. Instead, it’s all about the mods. Travel to any vape convention. Huge numbers of inventive new box mods are hitting the market each and every month. Even e-juice manufacturers rely on mods for the sampling of their new product lines. With popular recent releases like the eLeaf iStick or the iTaste MVP, standard e-cigs are out and box mods are in!

3.  Custom Vapes

Thanks to the rise in public acceptance in recent years, manufacturers of vaping technology are constantly offering us more and more products and enhancements that can be used to “trick out” our vape pens. Vape bands andJWraps are fun ways to personalize your devices without spending a bunch of cash. But the enormous amounts of new, innovative builds that are now appearing on social media almost daily is what really makes vaping in 2015 truly exciting.

4.  Pro-vaping Activism

Every time that some city or state tries to pass some sort of anti-vaping legislation, vapers from around the world unite and take action. So far, we have been successful in keeping the FDA out of our hair, but we have to remain active and vocal if we want to keep them off our backs indefinitely. Other organizations like Vape-a-Vet send free vaping paraphernalia to active and retired military service members as a supportive measure to help our veterans quit smoking. Vapers in 2015 have truly been very politically active.

(Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post for 4 more top trends of 2015!)