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Top 4 Vape Friendly Cities in USA

While many metropolitan areas in the United States are struggling with the concept of public vaping, others are welcoming e-cigs and vaping pens with open arms. When rating major cities based on the number of vape-friendly restaurants, nightclubs, events, clubs, and expos, we’ve come up with some very interesting results. Surprisingly, none of them are located in our most “liberal” state of California. Take a look!

Seattle, WA

The town that made $10 cups of coffee famous with Starbucks has always been the ideal location to blend alternative lifestyles with mainstream acceptance. There are currently no regulations against indoor vaping of any kind in Seattle. You can see business people walking into a high-rise toking on an Aspire Atlantis or a deadlocked Grunge rocker playing his guitar in a city part puffing away on his trusty Vision Spinner II.

Tampa, FL

The beautiful city of Tampa is located right on the Gulf of Mexico. Its famous Bayshore Boulevard stretches some 6-miles along the coastline, highlighted with some of the nation’s most exclusive real estate on the other side. It’s not uncommon to see older retirees strolling up the shore while toking on their favorite e-cig or to see the younger generation walking hand-in-hand on a Saturday evening while sharing their favorite blend of e-juice. Shopping centers like International Plaza and WestShore Plaza allow indoor vaping, and the Vaping Convention Circuit (VCC) offers one of the largest vaping expos in the world.

(Courtesy of Seaside Raw Bar, Virginia Beach, VA)

Virginia Beach, VA

The inclusion of this city to the list is somewhat of a shocker. A tiny beachfront town located about 3 hours south of Washington, DC, Virginia Beach is a community that tends to steer away from passing silly laws. They keep things simple here. With no city bans on public vaping of any kind, there are some 15 local clubs and restaurants that famously market to vaping enthusiasts, including Mango’s, Buckethead’s, and the Seaside Raw Bar.

Denver, CO

The Mile High City has no anti-vaping legislation currently in place. It’s very accepting of the vaping community, offering over 100 vape shops in a single metropolitan area. With this state leading the charge for legalized medical marijuana, the idea of public vaping is really not a big deal here. They have bigger fish to fry than our silly vape pens. Check out Denver’s The Meadowlark nightclub or The Living Room if you want to hang out with other local vapers.