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Top 3 Least Vape-Friendly Cities in USA

As many cities in American grow in their acceptance of the vaping community, others are still a bit behind the times. While cities like Tampa, Virginia Beach, and Seattle are welcoming us with open arms, others are putting up roadblocks in massive numbers. Some cities are even making the worldwide news with their outspoken anti-vaping propaganda. Which towns are the least vaping-friendly in the USA? Take a look.

The Entire State of Hawaii!

We can’t pick just one city in Hawaii, because the entire state seems to hate us with a passion. It’s probably largely due to the state’s tourism industry though. After all, Hawaii is known for its white, sandy beaches and beautiful tropical breezes. As one of the most traveled destinations by vacationers from all over the world, this state has to be very careful about it public image. Vaping is not allowed, either indoors or outside. So, don’t expect to pull out your Vision Spinner II while hanging out at the local resort. Beach Patrol will smack you down without a second thought.

Manchester, NH

Clearer across the country, we have Manchester, NH. This is a New England town known for its snooty residents with multi-million dollar second homes sprinkled throughout the community. Even though the state motto is “Live free or die,” Manchester looks down its nose at the vaping community. Even finding a Blu e-cig is going to be tough. Both vaping and cigs are banned in all public venues, including workplace environments, restaurants, and even public parks.

New York, NY

There are a lot of vaping enthusiasts who live in the Big Apple, and they usually know the best places to vape. But New York is also one of those major metropolitan areas where the anti-vaping community is very vocally active. New Yorkers have always been known to speak their minds, and this has never been truer than when it comes to vaping in public. While currently it is still legal to vape inside vape shops and other e-cigs establishments, this could change in a New- York-minute if city legislators have their way.

But don’t worry. We have lots of great cities in America who welcome the vaping community with open arms. For those who happen to live in one of these unfriendly cities for vapers, it’s time to fight back! Take a stand! And get involved!