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What sweet and delicious E-liquid for a true Max VG. The Clementine In it just tops it off causing taste buds to dance then go in for another draw. My fav! Thank you!!

So good!

You can taste all the flavors, it’s a delicious blend of berries, cream and vanilla!


Received quickly. Vanilla Kretek has a nice smooth taste. Very close to Vanilla Djarums.

I love this stuff...

I’ve been vaping the viscid range for years now, particularly rusty nails. This stuff goes really well with a nice cup of coffee 👍

The 'War on Vaping' Gets Downright Ugly

A spokesperson for the Center of Tobacco Control Reach and Education is making some wild accusations that the advertisement methods of manufacturers of e-cigs and vaping devices are “totally out of control.” Stanton Glantz is the center’s director, and he is making some rather harsh claims that the vaping community is trying to glamorize smoking, especially among young teens. In a news report from April 2, 2015 on Wired.com, Glantz references a Blu e-cig ad featuring the beautiful Jenny McCarthy flirting with the camera while declaring her love for guys who use electronic cigarettes.

And now the CDC is battling back with their own, rather eerie marketing ploy. In one of the CDC-sponsored TV commercials, they interview a young woman named Kristy who took to e-cigs and vaping as a way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. In the commercial, Kristy talks of how e-cigs eventually led to her lungs collapsing. Of course, this is blatantly misleading because Kristy gives no credence to the notion that her lung collapse was initiated by the previous decades of smoking combustible cigarettes. Instead, she directly links her medical condition to short-term use of e-cigs.

                                       Courtesy of ABC News/YouTube

Meanwhile, the news media is still flooding the Internet with massive amounts of false information, including ridiculous statements that vapor from e-cigs and vape pens contains everything from arsenic to nuclear radiation. Anti-vaping advocates in California seem to be among the major contributors to the spreading of this type of negative propaganda. The “Kristy” ad is getting lots of airplay in this state, a state which is already proposing some of the most severe anti-vaping legislation in the country.

But vaping enthusiasts aren’t taking this “War on Vaping” lying down. The backlash against the Kristy ad has been swift and unyielding. One online website, VaporVanity.com, posed the question, “Are the members of the (California) Health Department the stupidest human beings on the planet?”

Meanwhile, anti-vaping Facebook pages are witnessing a massive surge of angry traffic by pro-vaping fans. Vaping advocates are taking to social media in huge numbers in an attempt to “clear the air” by clarifying that there is absolutely no definitive proof that vaping or e-cigs leads to long-term health risks of any kind. As the debate heats up, we can expect to see more of this battle played out in overly nasty television commercials. Keep your eyes open. It’s about to get really ugly.