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The REAL Side Effects of Vaping

There are many myths and half-truths floating around online regarding the possible side effects of vaping. Just last year, nearly every major news outlet ran the story that vape clouds contain deadly formaldehyde, a complete fabrication and an outright lie that was most likely started by the Tobacco Industry. We also hear alarming stories regarding exploding e-cigarettes and other vaping devices, most of which are either entirely untrue or the result of DIY box mods that went horribly wrong.

RastaVapors believes in responsible vaping practices. If you vape responsibility, then the possible side effects are very minimal and easily manageable. Compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes, the possible side effects of vaping are infinitely less harmful to our long-term health. Here are the most common side effects that newbie vapers sometimes experience for a short time frame after taking up the VAPE!

(Courtesy of TCTMed.com)


One of the primary ingredients of all vaping e-juices is a substance called Propylene Glycol, or PG. PG can cause limited dehydration because the PG molecules latch on to the water molecules in our bodies as a method of making the actual cloud vapor. For most newbies, this side effect wears off after a couple of days or weeks as our bodies adjust to the Propylene Glycol content. Just be sure to drink lots of water every day to prevent some of the resulting symptoms of dehydration that can sometimes include:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry Skin
  • Itchiness
  • Darker Urine
  • Minor Fatigue


When many newbies switch to vaping devices from their nicotine-laced tobacco cigarettes, dizziness can sometimes occur for the first few weeks. Part of the reason that this side effect sometimes occurs is because we are ridding our bodies of the thousands of nasty chemicals and toxins found in tobacco cigarettes. Another reason is because newbie vapers often tend to “chain vape” once they first make the switch. To prevent this dizziness, always be aware of the nicotine levels in your e-juices and the frequency at which you are vaping.

Canker Sores

These unsightly blemishes can appear on the lips or around the mouth. While dehydration is a likely contributor to the emergence of canker sores for newbie vapers, the more common cause is often an unclean mouthpiece on the vaping device. Newbies are often told about cleaning their coils and tanks, but most articles written online rarely discuss the importance of keeping the mouthpiece clean at all times. Soaking your mouthpiece in some rubbing alcohol should do the trick.

For most newbies, switching to vaping is a very easy transition. These side effects of vaping are very rare, but all of them can be easily managed by simply drinking lots of water, avoiding chain vaping, and keeping your mouthpiece clean. At least you won’t have to worry about smelly clothes and yellow teeth like we do when we pick up those nasty tobacco cigarettes!