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The pro’s and con’s of sub-ohm vaping

In Wednesday’s blog post, we discussed the basics of sub-ohm vaping. Now we are going to discuss the pro’s and the con’s. For newbies to this new technology, like the Kanger Subtank or the Aspire Atlantis, you might discover that you are perfectly fine using your standard EMOW vape pen. Others might feel the urge to venture into sub-ohm vaping. There is no right or wrong answer. Your choice will depend on your individual preferences and tastes.

(Courtesy of Vaping360.com)

The Pro’s

  • Extra Heated Vapor

Sub-ohm vaping produces a higher wattage of power in the vaping mechanism. This higher power means that your e-juice burns much hotter. The effects of the hotter cloud tend to mimic those of traditional smoking of a tobacco cigarette, which many people find as an appealing method to help them quit smoking completely.

  • Extra Big Clouds

Because the e-juice is burning hotter and brighter, the clouds produced will also be quite massive in comparison to your traditional vape pen. For those who enjoy cloudchasing contests or who simply want to blow bigger plumes of smoke than their buddy, sub-ohm vaping might be for you.

  • Extra Burst of Flavor

The extra burst of power that causes the hotter vapor makes the e-juice taste more intense and favorable. Before sub-ohm vaping, many of us would steep our e-juices for long periods of time to get this same desired effect. But steeping is inconsistent and cumbersome. It’s also unsafe to store those tiny bottles of e-juice in dark closets and refrigerator shelves in homes with young kids hanging around.

The Con’s

  • Not for Thrifty Vapers

Sub-ohm vaping makes huge clouds and more intense flavors, but all of these advantages come at a price. A great amount of e-juice is required to give you all those nice, extra benefits. So, sub-ohm vapers tend to witness a huge increase in their e-juice usage. If you are vaping on a budget, you might want to think twice before sub-ohm vaping.

  • Not for Secret Vapers

If you are the type of vaper who tries to sneak a toke of their vape pen while hiding out in an office cubicle, sub-ohm vaping is going to make that rather difficult. Those huge clouds are almost impossible to hide.

  • Not for Low-Tolerance Vapers

When you take a hit from your sub-ohm vaping mod, you will likely experience an incredible difference in the lung hit. It can be quite intense, if you are not ready for it. Many people in the vaping community call these types of high-tolerance vapers, Mouth-to-Lungers. Be prepared for a big surprise.