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My Favorite

Its an amazing flavor! Sweet amd smooth reminds me of the bubble yum cotton candy gum

Terrific flavor

This one gunks up my mesh quickly as well. Superb taste however.



Thank you for the review Masayoshi!
Love it

Smooth, flavorful, and better than I expected

Thanks so much for the review José! Welcome to the family! :)
Jack Frost

I have looked around and the Jack Frost that you sell is by far the best menthol flavored vape. I have tried all types of menthol vape juice and this is fantastic. It’s so refreshing and makes me smile. Thanks for getting me the 2nd order so fast. The first order never came. I checked the security tape and there were no deliveries from UPS to my door on the 12th.

Hey Randy, not a problem we are always happy to rush an order when we can! Once again sorry USPS didn't deliver the 1st one. Thank you for the review as well! Much love from the entire team


Disturbing video out of UK compares toxic effects of smoking vs. vaping
Just this week, an anti-vaping activist group uploaded a website falsely claiming that enjoying a single Juul pod is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes. This abhorrent anti-vaping propaganda is intentionally sending a clear and vile message, particularly to America’s youth, that vaping is just as deadly as smoking. This assertion is completely untrue, and [...]
Juul employees outraged over possible deal with Big Tobacco’s Altria
The mainstream media rumor mill is abuzz with news that The Altria Group may be investing a significant minority stake in the popular vape manufacturer Juul Labs. Discussions are said to be ongoing, and neither side is publicly confirming the story. But if the rumors turn out to be true, the secret deal could be finalized by [...]
Can vaping improve your sex life?
Did you know that switching to vaping from smoking tobacco cigarettes can significantly improve your sex life? It’s true. Tobacco products contain over 7,000 toxic chemicals that wreak havoc over the entire body. Yes, they can cause cancer, but they also help speed the aging process, cause yellow teeth, and even reduce our desire and ability to [...]
Huffington Post gets blasted for posting bogus Margaret Cuomo video
A recent March 14, 2016, posting of a Margaret Cuomo video on the Huffington Post is generating a great deal of outrage among vaping advocates, scientists, and physicians around the world. In her video, the sister of New York Governor and ex-presidential candidate Andrew Cuomo states that electronic cigarettes are “at least as dangerous” as traditional tobacco products. [...]
4 Common questions of the newbie vaper
For the newbie vaper, switching away from tobacco cigarettes can raise some very common questions. If you don’t have any other friends or family members who vape, finding the answers can be somewhat confusing. Connecting to other vapers in e-cig forums and social media sites can provide some guidance, but sometimes the first-time vaper doesn’t even know how to [...]
Attention all vapers: Fight for your right to vape!
While many in the vaping industry have been calling for vapers to contact their state political officials to fight for the right to vape, it’s perhaps never been more urgent than it is today. The recent passing of six pieces of anti-vaping legislation by the California State Assembly last week is a Big Red Flag. As the [...]
Dripping 101: For beginners (Part 1)
A couple of years ago, the term “dripping” meant something far different than it does today. While vaping may appear to be a new trend to millions of people who are only now learning about it as a wonderful way to quit smoking, both vaping and dripping have been around for several decades. In generations past, the [...]
Dripping 101: For beginners (Part 2)
As vaping, in general, continues to surge in popularity around the world, vaping technology is rapidly advancing at a startling pace, as well. And social media is fueling this whirlwind of technological progression as vapers share DIY techniques that sometimes improve or enhance the vaping experience. Sometimes these homemade modifications can lead to some wonderful inventions, and sometimes they [...]
Dripping 101: For beginners (Part 4)
Next up in this series of blog posts called Dripping 101, we are discussing the individual components of a dripping system. To get the best drip requires a successful combination of atomizer, coil material, coil gauge, wicking material, the right mod, and of course, the perfect e-juice. But with so many of each component readily available on [...]
3 Strange Reasons to Quit Smoking and Start Vaping
There are all kinds of reasons to quit smoking, and millions of people successfully kick the habit every year. But even in the best of cases, quitting smoking tends to lead to short bouts of irritability and perhaps putting on a few extra pounds around the midsection. For older smokers in particular, these potentially nasty side effects [...]
E-cig Regulations: Where are we now?
With all of the controversy surrounding vaping and e-cigs, it’s often easy to forget just how we got to this point in the first place. While everyone seems to agree that “smoking is bad” and should, therefore, be regulated by the government, electronic cigarettes are still being lumped into this same, deadly category. But why?Part of the problem [...]
Top Ten Benefits of Vaping (Part 2)
Continuing forward with the previous blog post from Monday, we are listing the Top Ten Benefits of Vaping. As many smokers are beginning to research vaping as a smoking cessation tool, we want to offer as much support and insight as possible to help you kick the habit once and for all. In Monday’s post, [...]
Top Ten Benefits of Vaping (Part 1)
Even though it has been in the news a lot in the past few years, vaping is really nothing new. People have been vaping for decades, but now the vaping industry is beginning to see the benefits of using the technology as a smoking cessation tool. Millions of people every year use vape pens, e-cigs, [...]
Poor, Poor Leo. No Vaping at the Oscars.
Leonardo DiCaprio, the child actor who dies in Titanic because his girlfriend wouldn’t share the raft, is having another run of bad luck. With slicked-back hair and an always-present glint in his eye reminiscent of Male Movie Stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Dr. D makes even Supermodels swoon. Meanwhile, most men simply look [...]
Can I continue vaping while pregnant?
While most everyone already knows how hazardous smoking can be while pregnant, doctors around the world are now being asked the more unusual question, “Can I continue vaping while pregnant?” For those vaping enthusiasts who often wonder why so many physicians are offering their opinions on vaping in the television nightly news, it is questions [...]
3 Indisputable facts to shut down vaping haters
There are vaping haters everywhere. As with any new technological advancement, the vaping industry is witnessing its fair share anti-propaganda coming out of the mouths of politicians, news media, and even members of the “scientific” community questioning the validity and safety of its paraphernalia. While most vapers would never recommend this practice to their non-smoking [...]
‘Popcorn Lung’ and Vaping: Media Bias Exposed
The television and online news media do not have a reputation for providing fact-based resources in its reporting on the vaping industry. There are Vaping Haters everywhere, and they all have very different agendas. Some politicians and lobbyists only see dollar signs when they look at the surge in popularity of the vaping subculture, an industry currently with [...]
3 Ways that you are likely hurting the vaping industry
Many vaping enthusiasts around the world are very aware of the massive amounts of anti-vaping propaganda that is flooding the Internet and television news media. From misinformed stories of exploding e-cigs to ridiculous claims of finding formaldehyde in e-cig vapor, it seems that many news journalists simply love to leave out entire portions of the story in order to [...]
Choosing Your First Vape Mod (Part 4)
As a continuation of our series about choosing your first vape mod, we should first discuss what to expect when you purchase a vape kit. Not every manufacturer offers the same components. So be very, very careful. Many newbies often mistakenly believe that they are buying a vape mod kit when in actuality they are only purchasing a [...]
UK’s NHS to prescribe e-cigs in the New Year
The UK is making a dramatic move in the coming year as doctors will begin prescribing e-cigs as a smoking cessation device. The NHS (National Health Service) is on board even though government officials are trying to keep the new program quiet for the time being. It seems that the UK Health Minister Jane Ellison is a [...]
Choosing your first Vape Mod (Part 2)
As a continuation in our series of blogs regarding choosing your first vape mod, let’s discuss some of the differences in functionality that they can provide. Vape mods offer more power than the smaller vape pens because of their enhanced battery capacities, which in turn allows users to produce more massive clouds. Some vape mods allow vapers [...]