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Best juice out there!
Thank you for your business Chris, you have been with us for the long haul and we can't thank you enough. Hope all is well and you are healthy and safe. Much love from all of us here!
Good Product
Thanks Lauren! Always happy when our customers are happy! Much ❤ from the Rasta Family.
Simple and tasty 😋


Is vaping addictive?
As many consumers turn to vaping as a means to quit smoking, the question always arises, “Is vaping addictive?” The simple answer is, “Yes.” But being addicted to flavored water vapor is far less harmful than the addiction from nicotine and about 1000 other toxic chemicals housed inside those attractive, cylindrical casings with names like Marlboro [...]
Colorado Pulls the Plug on Americas First Marijuana TV Commercial
Tonight was going to be the unveiling of the long anticipated, first-ever TV commercial featuring a marijuana-infused vape pen, but it’s already over before it’s begun. A Colorado station was all geared up to run the 15-second spot for the Neos vape pen just before “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, but even that late night time slot was not enough to [...]
4 Simple Tips that Every Newbie Should Know
So, you’ve decided to finally enter into the world of vaping. Many newbies first start out by purchasing the disposable e-cigs from the local convenience store. They quickly realize that puffing on an e-cig is a bit different from smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. The flavor choices are limited, and they never seem to last [...]
3 Things that Newbies Usually Get Wrong about Vaping
When newbies first walk into a vape shop, they sometimes feel as if they have traveled back in time to a 1970’s head shop, filled with strange-looking contraptions reminiscent of marijuana-smoking paraphernalia and water-bongs. This is part of the reason why vaping gets such a bad reputation in the media.Even though the social stigma attached to legalized marijuana [...]