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Newbie vapers and the sub-ohm obsession
While many people switch to vaping and e-cigs because they are far less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes, newbie vapers are often too quick to transition into sub-ohm vaping. Enticed by the hundreds of pictures of ultra-cool vape mods that consistently appear online and in social media posts, beginners are anxious to become part of the in-crowd by [...]
Choosing your first Vape Mod (Part I)
While most new vapers begin with a Kanger EMOW or a cigalike device, it doesn’t take long before the desire to experiment with new vaping equipment begins to take hold. As newbies become bombarded with terms like temperature control vaping, sub ohm vaping, and other strange phrases, it’s often difficult to know where to begin. A common first [...]
Top Vaping Trends from 2015 (Part 2)
As the vaping industry continues to mature, we are witnessing some growing trends among avid vaping enthusiasts in the past twelve months. This post is a continuation of Monday’s blog entry where we are continuing to discuss the most popular vaping trends of 2015.5. Sub Ohm VapingWith the recent surge in popularity of cloudchasing, sub ohm vaping [...]
Apollo VTube 4 Review
There is much more to this regulated tube mod than meets the eye. The futuristic design of the Apollo VTube 4 with its capacity to fire up with up to 50 Watts of power and down to 0.2 Ohms makes this device perfect for sub ohm vaping. The stainless steel finish combined with the see-through tank give this [...]
Joyetech Ego One Mini Review
Sub ohm vaping is gaining a huge following these days, and the Joyetech Ego One Mini is one of the most popular new vape pens on the market today. It is perfect for beginners and those who want a highly portable stealth vape device. An upgrade from its sibling, the Joyetech Ego One, the Mini is essentially [...]
The pro’s and con’s of sub-ohm vaping
In Wednesday’s blog post, we discussed the basics of sub-ohm vaping. Now we are going to discuss the pro’s and the con’s. For newbies to this new technology, like the Kanger Subtank or the Aspire Atlantis, you might discover that you are perfectly fine using your standard EMOW vape pen. Others might feel the urge to [...]
What is sub-ohm vaping and is it for you?
The vaping community seems to have its fair share of difficult-to-understand terminology, and the term “sub-ohm vaping” is a perfect example. With the recent releases of such popular new products like the Aspire Atlantis and the Kanger Subtank, many newbies to vaping are beginning to wonder if their original decision to purchase a standard Kanger EMOW was a big [...]