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No Tropwen No Life

I smoke for about four years every day. It is a favorite liquid.
Love Love Love!!!!

Isshimoe, thank you for the review :) Tropwen is the best! We love your support!
Just got this bad boy in and love it

great little piece nice and glsassy!

love this juice

best flavor best price what more can you ask for


Swag IS the best fruity flavor out there!


I have smoked tropwen for three years. I can not live without this.


Disturbing video out of UK compares toxic effects of smoking vs. vaping
Just this week, an anti-vaping activist group uploaded a website falsely claiming that enjoying a single Juul pod is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes. This abhorrent anti-vaping propaganda is intentionally sending a clear and vile message, particularly to America’s youth, that vaping is just as deadly as smoking. This assertion is completely untrue, and [...]
Can I continue vaping while pregnant?
While most everyone already knows how hazardous smoking can be while pregnant, doctors around the world are now being asked the more unusual question, “Can I continue vaping while pregnant?” For those vaping enthusiasts who often wonder why so many physicians are offering their opinions on vaping in the television nightly news, it is questions [...]
3 Indisputable facts to shut down vaping haters
There are vaping haters everywhere. As with any new technological advancement, the vaping industry is witnessing its fair share anti-propaganda coming out of the mouths of politicians, news media, and even members of the “scientific” community questioning the validity and safety of its paraphernalia. While most vapers would never recommend this practice to their non-smoking [...]
Should HUD ban vaping in public housing?
So many government agencies and so little time. Now that we are making headway in the battle against the FDA, HUD wants to come in and get their piece of the proverbial vaping pie. Unless you have been hiding under a rock in the past few weeks, then you’ve likely heard the latest new story that the [...]
Smoking tobacco linked to chronic depression
Have you been feeling a bit down-and-out lately? Are you having trouble staying focused or finding the joy in life? Do you find yourself feeling unmotivated and overly fatigued, day in and day out? Are you a smoker of tobacco cigarettes? Then you might be suffering from chronic depression.Try switching to “the vape.” There [...]
Sen Mark Leno. Vaping Bill Falls Short
While the vaping industry consistently supports a limited amount of proposed governmental regulations, there is a central argument that seems to keep both sides from reaching an agreement. The vaping industry is not opposed to prohibiting the sales of vaping paraphernalia to minors, providing child-proof packaging, or even reasonable licensing requirements. In fact, Sen. Mark Leno of California [...]
UK bans vaping (and smoking) in cars with kids
On October 1, 2015, UK drivers caught vaping or smoking while driving with minors will now be threatened with legal action. A similar ban has already occurred in Wales, and Scotland is currently considering a ban as well. Those caught skirting the law will receive a ticket and a £50 fine. But things could have been much [...]
Hawaii Raises Smoking Age to 21 as Vaping Gains Popularity
On June 19, 2015, Hawaii became the first state in the union to raise the smoking age to 21, largely due to public outcry over the rising popularity of vaping. Four days later, The Verge ran a news story detailing the specifics of the law. On January 1, 2016, it will be illegal for anyone under [...]
Vaping: ‘The Kodak Scenario’
A recent story posted on the Newsweek website hours ago on May 27, 2015 is estimating that within ten years, sales of e-cigs and vaping devices will surpass those of tobacco cigarettes. And Big Tobacco is essentially the driving force behind this surge in popularity. When the first electronic cigarette was invented in 2003 by Hon Lik [...]
Vaping with Matt: A Newbie’s Perspective Part 3
<This is a continuation of “Vaping with Matt: Part 2.”Vaping has been a fun and enjoyable experience. Once I picked up the EMOW, I had gone a full two weeks without picking up a cigarette. The counter girl at the local convenience store where I usually bought my cigarettes had even taken notice that I [...]
Vaping will boost your sex life
It’s no secret that smoking can lead to all sorts of medical disorders, but did you know that switching to vaping might actually boost your sex life? Traditional tobacco cigarettes fill our bodies with massive amounts of harmful toxins that can deplete our energy levels, decrease our stamina, and even greatly reduce sexual desire. If [...]
New England Journal of Medicine ‘cooks’ vaping statistics
The use of e-cigs and vaping has become increasingly popular and more widely accepted in recent years, but there will always be those who consider smoking of any kind to be an infringement on the rights of the non-smoking public. And many of these activists groups are beginning to play hardball by spreading damaging misinformation and downright lies about [...]