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Received quickly. Vanilla Kretek has a nice smooth taste. Very close to Vanilla Djarums.

I love this stuff...

I’ve been vaping the viscid range for years now, particularly rusty nails. This stuff goes really well with a nice cup of coffee 👍

delicious! !

delicious! !
I'm vaping straight
But Loom Tokyo's Flash Gum XTRA HARD is more delicious



Amazing fruity flavor!

I first tried this juice when I was in Alaska, and boy I'm glad I brought it with me. I was able to enjoy Swaggerific as and all day vape, and still do whenever I get it. I highly recommend it for when you need a great fruity all day e-liquid.


Attention all vapers: Fight for your right to vape!
While many in the vaping industry have been calling for vapers to contact their state political officials to fight for the right to vape, it’s perhaps never been more urgent than it is today. The recent passing of six pieces of anti-vaping legislation by the California State Assembly last week is a Big Red Flag. As the [...]