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What sweet and delicious E-liquid for a true Max VG. The Clementine In it just tops it off causing taste buds to dance then go in for another draw. My fav! Thank you!!

So good!

You can taste all the flavors, it’s a delicious blend of berries, cream and vanilla!


Received quickly. Vanilla Kretek has a nice smooth taste. Very close to Vanilla Djarums.

I love this stuff...

I’ve been vaping the viscid range for years now, particularly rusty nails. This stuff goes really well with a nice cup of coffee 👍

delicious! !

delicious! !
I'm vaping straight
But Loom Tokyo's Flash Gum XTRA HARD is more delicious


What is ‘Steeping?’
Steeping is a method used by experienced vapers that tends to improve the taste of the e-juice. The process usually involves letting the liquid rest for a bit, much like letting a fine wine age before drinking. Some people like to put their blends in the microwave for a few seconds. Others like to chill them [...]
Vaping with Matt: A Newbie’s Perspective Part 7
<This is a continuation of “Vaping with Matt: Part 6.”Now that I have become somewhat of an experienced vaper, many of my friends are beginning to ask me a lot of questions. The Internet is filled with misinformation about the “hazards of vaping.” Just Google the word “vaping”, and a long list of news articles [...]
Common Questions of the First-Time Vaper
For those who are new to the world of vaping, over time you might begin to notice some changes in the way that our vape pen functions or tastes. You might begin to discover that the taste of the vapor takes on a decidedly burnt flavor. Or you might begin to witness the vapor production [...]