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World leaders slam FDA for stance on vaping and e-cigs
The U.S. is sometimes viewed as a progressive nation in other countries, but the FDA’s current stance on vaping and e-cigs is drawing fire from medical leaders all over the globe. The proposed FDA regulations that would essentially eliminate 99% of the vaping and e-cigs industry overnight are considered an obvious ploy by the CDC and the FDA [...]
Why is the CDC lying about e-cigs and vaping?
Just last week, the CDC issued a rather alarming press release that seems to be lying about e-cigs and vaping use among teenagers. The Centers for Disease Control has long held the opinion that electronic cigarettes are a “gateway” to traditional smoking of tobacco products, despite volumes of medical research that indicate otherwise. Rather than admit that [...]
E-cig Regulations: Where are we now?
With all of the controversy surrounding vaping and e-cigs, it’s often easy to forget just how we got to this point in the first place. While everyone seems to agree that “smoking is bad” and should, therefore, be regulated by the government, electronic cigarettes are still being lumped into this same, deadly category. But why?Part of the problem [...]
The FDA’s proposed product approval process for vaping industry
The vaping industry is currently engaged in a multi-front war, battling Congress on one side, the FDA on another, and HUD coming at us from seemingly out of nowhere. With all of this fighting going on, it’s sometimes difficult for the average vaper to keep up with all of the hullabaloo. Unfortunately, this is precisely what our combatants want.The [...]
Should HUD ban vaping in public housing?
So many government agencies and so little time. Now that we are making headway in the battle against the FDA, HUD wants to come in and get their piece of the proverbial vaping pie. Unless you have been hiding under a rock in the past few weeks, then you’ve likely heard the latest new story that the [...]
Top Vaping Trends from 2015 (Part 2)
As the vaping industry continues to mature, we are witnessing some growing trends among avid vaping enthusiasts in the past twelve months. This post is a continuation of Monday’s blog entry where we are continuing to discuss the most popular vaping trends of 2015.5. Sub Ohm VapingWith the recent surge in popularity of cloudchasing, sub ohm vaping [...]
Top Vaping Trends from 2015 (Part 1)
With the holidays quickly approaching, let’s take a look back over the past year to discover some of the top vaping trends that have changed the vaping industry in 2015. As the possibility of highly restrictive government legislation looms over our heads, many private vape shop owners live in fear that they may soon be run out of [...]
Congress Blocks FDA to Protect Vaping Industry
Sometimes support for the vaping industry comes from the most unlikely of places. While the FDA has been pushing for harsh regulations of e-cigs and vaping paraphernalia, Congress is finally beginning to push back and with a bit more vengeance than the vaping community might have otherwise expected. Leading the charge against the FDA is none other than [...]
New England Journal of Medicine ‘cooks’ vaping statistics
The use of e-cigs and vaping has become increasingly popular and more widely accepted in recent years, but there will always be those who consider smoking of any kind to be an infringement on the rights of the non-smoking public. And many of these activists groups are beginning to play hardball by spreading damaging misinformation and downright lies about [...]
CVS Pharmacy Bans Cigarettes and E-Cigs
In February of 2014, CVS Pharmacies announced that the company would no longer sell cigarettes of any kind in their thousands of retail stores, including e-cigarettes. Customers watched as the shelves began to empty, little by little, later that following August. And stockholders began to take note as CVS Caremark began losing an estimated $2 billion per year as [...]
Big Tobacco Wants FDA to ban E-Cigs & Vaping
It seems as if Big Tobacco has some sort of secret agenda against the vaping industry. Two major tobacco companies have been in the news lately, Reynolds American and Lorillard, for their meticulous efforts to try to persuade the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to take a very harsh stance against manufacturers of everything from vaping pens to e-juice and [...]
Freshen Up On Your E-Cigarette Knowledge
Learning about the things you crave and indulge is essential to protecting yourself and making the best choice. The fact is that e-cigarettes are increasing in popularity. Companies are popping up all over claiming to sell the  best e liquid flavors with the largest flavor options. Brushing up on the facts about this popular alternative to smoking regular [...]
Veto the FDA Restrictions on E-Cigarettes
Please help all the vaping community and take 5 minutes to sign this petitionRasta Vapors does not support what the FDA is trying to do, eLiquids are NOT Tobacco products! Please take the time to help us out and sign the petition. We feel that BIG TOBACCO is making these rules and backing the FDA to [...]