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It's been two years since I've known this juice, but I can't help but smoke it every day.

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Grape ape

Ordered with flavor boost and wow. Excellent flavor. I have used rasta vapes before and i wish i would have found them sooner. Thank you rasta vapes for excellent juice. Best i had hands down

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Best juice ever !! I have been actually using it for years . I stepped away for a bit due to having to wait on shipping but I am back . Missed this yummy juice .


Can vaping improve your sex life?
Did you know that switching to vaping from smoking tobacco cigarettes can significantly improve your sex life? It’s true. Tobacco products contain over 7,000 toxic chemicals that wreak havoc over the entire body. Yes, they can cause cancer, but they also help speed the aging process, cause yellow teeth, and even reduce our desire and ability to [...]
Huffington Post gets blasted for posting bogus Margaret Cuomo video
A recent March 14, 2016, posting of a Margaret Cuomo video on the Huffington Post is generating a great deal of outrage among vaping advocates, scientists, and physicians around the world. In her video, the sister of New York Governor and ex-presidential candidate Andrew Cuomo states that electronic cigarettes are “at least as dangerous” as traditional tobacco products. [...]
Poor, Poor Leo. No Vaping at the Oscars.
Leonardo DiCaprio, the child actor who dies in Titanic because his girlfriend wouldn’t share the raft, is having another run of bad luck. With slicked-back hair and an always-present glint in his eye reminiscent of Male Movie Stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Dr. D makes even Supermodels swoon. Meanwhile, most men simply look [...]
Can I continue vaping while pregnant?
While most everyone already knows how hazardous smoking can be while pregnant, doctors around the world are now being asked the more unusual question, “Can I continue vaping while pregnant?” For those vaping enthusiasts who often wonder why so many physicians are offering their opinions on vaping in the television nightly news, it is questions [...]
Vaping wins approval of the NHS as ‘medicine’ in the UK
Here in the United States, we sometimes very foolishly consider ourselves the forward-thinkers of the entire planet. We arrogantly assume that we are always on the cutting edge of everything from technological advancements to world health issues. But when a much smaller nation like our Mother Country of Great Britain beats us to the finish [...]
UK’s NHS to prescribe e-cigs in the New Year
The UK is making a dramatic move in the coming year as doctors will begin prescribing e-cigs as a smoking cessation device. The NHS (National Health Service) is on board even though government officials are trying to keep the new program quiet for the time being. It seems that the UK Health Minister Jane Ellison is a [...]
The FDA’s proposed product approval process for vaping industry
The vaping industry is currently engaged in a multi-front war, battling Congress on one side, the FDA on another, and HUD coming at us from seemingly out of nowhere. With all of this fighting going on, it’s sometimes difficult for the average vaper to keep up with all of the hullabaloo. Unfortunately, this is precisely what our combatants want.The [...]
Should HUD ban vaping in public housing?
So many government agencies and so little time. Now that we are making headway in the battle against the FDA, HUD wants to come in and get their piece of the proverbial vaping pie. Unless you have been hiding under a rock in the past few weeks, then you’ve likely heard the latest new story that the [...]
Vaping caffeine is the next Big Thing!
Are you hooked on that morning Cup-of-Joe before heading off to work? Are you tired of waiting in line at Starbucks while some nitwit orders a “Grande, iced, decaf, vanilla latte with extra soy milk” or a “Venti iced skinny hazelnut macchiato with an extra shot of sugar-free syrup, light ice, and no whip cream?” Then try [...]
Who’s REALLY behind the anti-vaping legislation?
Type the word “vaping” into your web browser, and a barrage of anti-vaping articles and “news stories” will magically appear on-screen. Most of these articles love to cite references to the US Food and Drug Administration, The American Cancer Society, and a long list of other national agencies that were specifically created to protect the health of the American [...]
Hawaii Raises Smoking Age to 21 as Vaping Gains Popularity
On June 19, 2015, Hawaii became the first state in the union to raise the smoking age to 21, largely due to public outcry over the rising popularity of vaping. Four days later, The Verge ran a news story detailing the specifics of the law. On January 1, 2016, it will be illegal for anyone under [...]
Teen Vaping: Take a Stand
The vaping community has been taking a big hit in the media lately. We are under a constant threat of government regulation while also having to fight off false information being spread by Big Tobacco that vaping is “harmful to your health”. Even though there are millions of people publically praising vape pens and e-cigs as a [...]
Teen Smoking Drops to All-Time Low
A recent story published on by Forbes Magazine today, April 17, 2015, reports that teen smoking is down to 9.4% as high-schoolers turn to vaping as a healthier alternative. This is the first time in over twenty years that the percentage of teenage smokers has dropped to below 10%.While this would appear to be good [...]
The 'War on Vaping' Gets Downright Ugly
A spokesperson for the Center of Tobacco Control Reach and Education is making some wild accusations that the advertisement methods of manufacturers of e-cigs and vaping devices are “totally out of control.” Stanton Glantz is the center’s director, and he is making some rather harsh claims that the vaping community is trying to glamorize smoking, [...]
What is a Clearomizer?
For those who are new to the world of vaping, you may begin to run across certain strange-sounding words during your research. Different vaping pens use different mechanical devices to transfer the e-juice to the heating coil which produces the vapor. Some use an atomizer or an “atty.” Others use a cartomizer or a “carto.” [...]
Vaping will boost your sex life
It’s no secret that smoking can lead to all sorts of medical disorders, but did you know that switching to vaping might actually boost your sex life? Traditional tobacco cigarettes fill our bodies with massive amounts of harmful toxins that can deplete our energy levels, decrease our stamina, and even greatly reduce sexual desire. If [...]
Stock in Blu E-cigs Plummets as Vaping Gains Popularity
Many of us in the vaping community first started out by purchasing those over-the-counter e-cigarettes at our local convenience stores. One of the first to enter the market was Blu. After pouring millions of dollars into marketing and advertising, Blu was eventually sold to the Lorillard Company back in 2012. This is the same company [...]
Common Questions of the First-Time Vaper
For those who are new to the world of vaping, over time you might begin to notice some changes in the way that our vape pen functions or tastes. You might begin to discover that the taste of the vapor takes on a decidedly burnt flavor. Or you might begin to witness the vapor production [...]
15 Positive Benefits of Vaping
Millions of people are turning to vaping devices and e-cigs as a way to rid themselves of the addiction to tobacco cigarettes. Most smokers have already seen the many brands of electronic cigarettes located next to the cash registers of the very same establishments where they buy their traditional tobacco products. Vaping is simply an [...]
3 Awesome Apps for Androids
Whether you are a vaping newbie or a die-hard enthusiast, keeping informed about the latest trends and technologies can sometimes be a bit challenging. Even though Google Play doesn’t stock a huge number of vaping apps yet, there are a few that are worth noting. From apps that update the users with the latest vaping [...]
‘Truckers vape’, says Overdrive Magazine
No one can deny that truck drivers have been a force to be reckoned with since before the days of Jimmy Hoffa. The Teamsters Union may not be as influential as it once was in decades past, but it still packs a powerful punch when it comes to public opinion. A recent news story about [...]