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Best juice out there!
Thank you for your business Chris, you have been with us for the long haul and we can't thank you enough. Hope all is well and you are healthy and safe. Much love from all of us here!
Good Product
Thanks Lauren! Always happy when our customers are happy! Much ❤ from the Rasta Family.
Simple and tasty 😋


Money Magazine gives Vaping Industry a Boost
The CDC and multiple other U.S. health organizations are leery of endorsing the vaping industry, largely because e-cigs and vape pens are still subconsciously linked to traditional tobacco cigarettes. But one highly reputable news magazine is taking a stand in favor of the vaping industry, leaving many lobbyists and politicians on Capitol Hill scratching their heads.According to a [...]
Vaping caffeine is the next Big Thing!
Are you hooked on that morning Cup-of-Joe before heading off to work? Are you tired of waiting in line at Starbucks while some nitwit orders a “Grande, iced, decaf, vanilla latte with extra soy milk” or a “Venti iced skinny hazelnut macchiato with an extra shot of sugar-free syrup, light ice, and no whip cream?” Then try [...]
The 'War on Vaping' Gets Downright Ugly
A spokesperson for the Center of Tobacco Control Reach and Education is making some wild accusations that the advertisement methods of manufacturers of e-cigs and vaping devices are “totally out of control.” Stanton Glantz is the center’s director, and he is making some rather harsh claims that the vaping community is trying to glamorize smoking, [...]
Vaping with Matt: A Newbie’s Perspective Part 3
<This is a continuation of “Vaping with Matt: Part 2.”Vaping has been a fun and enjoyable experience. Once I picked up the EMOW, I had gone a full two weeks without picking up a cigarette. The counter girl at the local convenience store where I usually bought my cigarettes had even taken notice that I [...]
Vaping with Matt: A Newbie’s Perspective Part 2
(This is a continuation of a previous post.) So, I began my journey into vaping at around noon on a Tuesday. I had purchased two different e-liquids, Tropwen and Jack Frost. Not really knowing which flavors to choose, I had asked the webmaster of this site, a very friendly guy named AJ. Since I was a menthol smoker, my hand [...]
Vaping with Matt: A Newbie’s Perspective Part I
Having been a smoker for most of my adult life, I struggled with finding a way to quit that wouldn’t make me crazy in the process. After all, I work in an office environment as a structural engineer, designing and building multi-million dollar military projects for the US Government. These guys can be extremely demanding [...]
Vaping will boost your sex life
It’s no secret that smoking can lead to all sorts of medical disorders, but did you know that switching to vaping might actually boost your sex life? Traditional tobacco cigarettes fill our bodies with massive amounts of harmful toxins that can deplete our energy levels, decrease our stamina, and even greatly reduce sexual desire. If [...]