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Great flavors

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Clive Bates says vaping regulations are ‘defacto protection” for Big Tobacco
Nearly every national government in the world is battling with the notion of e-cigs and vaping regulations. Yet all of them seem to be making the same incorrect assumption – that nicotine and tobacco are one in the same. While traditional cigarettes contain both, the e-juice of vaping devices is completely tobacco-free.How can so may political leaders get [...]
Who’s REALLY behind the anti-vaping legislation?
Type the word “vaping” into your web browser, and a barrage of anti-vaping articles and “news stories” will magically appear on-screen. Most of these articles love to cite references to the US Food and Drug Administration, The American Cancer Society, and a long list of other national agencies that were specifically created to protect the health of the American [...]
Vaping: ‘The Kodak Scenario’
A recent story posted on the Newsweek website hours ago on May 27, 2015 is estimating that within ten years, sales of e-cigs and vaping devices will surpass those of tobacco cigarettes. And Big Tobacco is essentially the driving force behind this surge in popularity. When the first electronic cigarette was invented in 2003 by Hon Lik [...]
CVS Pharmacy Bans Cigarettes and E-Cigs
In February of 2014, CVS Pharmacies announced that the company would no longer sell cigarettes of any kind in their thousands of retail stores, including e-cigarettes. Customers watched as the shelves began to empty, little by little, later that following August. And stockholders began to take note as CVS Caremark began losing an estimated $2 billion per year as [...]
E-cigs and Proper Etiquette
E-cigs and vaping are increasing in popularity around the world, as smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes are making the transition as a way to either quit smoking altogether or to minimize the negative effects of second hand smoke on those that they come in close contact with each and every day. Unfortunately, the public-at-large still often gets confused, and [...]
Big Tobacco Wants FDA to ban E-Cigs & Vaping
It seems as if Big Tobacco has some sort of secret agenda against the vaping industry. Two major tobacco companies have been in the news lately, Reynolds American and Lorillard, for their meticulous efforts to try to persuade the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to take a very harsh stance against manufacturers of everything from vaping pens to e-juice and [...]