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Jack Frost


Orange Maluku
Brian V (Sylmar, US)
Great Clove Flavor

Got this along with the Vanilla Kretek type. While the vanilla one is a little more djarum type flavor, I actually prefer this one with the hint of orange flavor.

Vanilla Kretek
Brian V (Sylmar, US)
Djarum Flavor

Do like this vape, it's very similar to Djarum. Its a little light on the flavor so I might try it with a boost next time.

Dark Star
Brian V (Sylmar, US)
Good Flavor

Got this with the flavor boost, really like it. Best as a morning vape.

Marshall McCutchen (Tulsa, US)
It's good.

I enjoy this. It's where I ended up after trying several different brands and flavors shortly after Volcano inexplicably turned thier Tobacco Pure flavor into a sented candle like flavor.

Strip club owner sues Florida (again) over bogus marijuana licensing rules

Last month, a fearless strip club owner by the name of Joe Redner won a lawsuit in the 2nd Judicial Circuit Court of Florida for the right to grow his own medical marijuana. Now he is taking his fight back into the courtroom once again. This time around, he’s suing the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) over its highly restrictive and very controversial licensing requirements which are currently preventing thousands of ill Floridians to purchase legally prescribed weed.

The Tampa native just happens to be suffering from potentially fatal lung cancer for the past seven years. When his doctor prescribed a very specific strain of marijuana to help battle his disease, Redner found it impossible to locate in the handful of marijuana dispensaries located throughout the state. Florida law does not allow individual citizens or even aspiring marijuana dispensaries to grow their own cannabis. However, in April 2017, Judge Karen Gievers ruled in favor of the 77-year old cancer survivor.

Redner’s Round 2 in the fight over legal marijuana in Florida

Now that the national spotlight is shining so brightly upon him, Redner seems to want to use this newfound political clout to fight for the right of all Floridians in need of a medical marijuana ID card. Even though Amendment 2 which legalizes medical marijuana passed by an overwhelming margin of approximately 70 percent, state officials have been extremely slow in rolling out supportive regulations for how best to dispense the weed.

When the state finally stopped dragging its proverbial feet, the result was an approval process singlehandedly managed by a non-elected friend of the Governor, someone with no previous experience neither in marijuana nor state government. Christian Bax has become a lightning rod for aggression from Floridians desperate to acquire their life-saving pot. He and he alone dictates who does and does not receive a medical marijuana license.

With no means to appeal a poor decision by Bax and no way to complain about an approval process that can take several months, many patients find that when they finally are approved, the prices are simply too high for them to afford on top of their already excessive legal bills. Redner is using these arguments as a basis for his second lawsuit on behalf of all Floridians.

"There's a lot of people in this state that are poor and can't afford medical marijuana at the prices on the market right now," Redner said. "They cannot afford it."

-Courtesy of New Times

Redner already has the legal authority granted by Judge Gievers to grow his own specific strain of cannabis. So, he doesn’t really need to sue the state of Florida a second time. But this businessman from a rather controversial industry seems to be a real fighter, a real go-getter who is not yet ready to throw in the towel. In fact, scrappy Joe Redner is said to be considering another run for the Florida Senate, according to an interview with Tampa’s WMNF Radio.

Many medical marijuana users like Redner are also avid vapers for a variety of reasons. Using vaporizers for weed allows its therapeutic benefits to hit the blood stream much faster, providing quicker pain and medicinal relief to the user. It’s also far less harmful on the respiratory system compared to smoking it