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Smoking tobacco linked to chronic depression

Have you been feeling a bit down-and-out lately? Are you having trouble staying focused or finding the joy in life? Do you find yourself feeling unmotivated and overly fatigued, day in and day out? Are you a smoker of tobacco cigarettes? Then you might be suffering from chronic depression.

Try switching to “the vape.” There are several scientific studies that show a direct link between chronic depression and smoking nicotine-laced tobacco. In fact, one study by the American Psychological Association indicates that smoking and depression tend to self-perpetuate one another. The more you smoke, the more depressed you become. And the more depressed you become, the more you want to smoke. It’s a never-ending cycle that leaves you falling further down the rabbit hole of melancholia and exhaustion.

(Courtesy of Cambridge Medicine)

In another study posted on PsychCentral, some 1,000 young men and women were evaluated based on their mental stage and regularity of smoking. Alarmingly, smokers developed chronic depression at twice the rate of non-smokers. And their level of depression was also twice as severe. Want more proof? The British Journal of Psychiatry also supports these findings.

“This evidence is consistent with the conclusion that there is a cause and effect relationship between smoking and depression in which cigarette smoking increases the risk of symptoms of depression.”

Although the reasons for the relationship are still unknown, there is no denying that smoking has a direct effect on our moods and emotional state. After all, many of us first started smoking as a way to “relax” after a hard day at work or when out socializing with friends. So, it only makes sense that the more we smoke, the more “relaxed” we become. We become so relaxed that we essentially become chronically fatigued and eventually deeply depressed.

So next time you’re feeling down in the dumps, look at your smoking patterns. Do you find that you pick up a Marlboro more often when you are sad and lonely? If so, consider picking up that vape pen instead. Most of the scientific research seems to indicate that the act of inhaling is actually good for us. After all, this is the central theme behind many meditative practices. “Good air in. Bad air out.” But when those deep breathes consist of nasty nicotine and hundreds of other toxic chemicals, that’s when we can fall victim to depression. So cheer up! Vape on! And chase the blues away once and for all!