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Sen Mark Leno. Vaping Bill Falls Short

While the vaping industry consistently supports a limited amount of proposed governmental regulations, there is a central argument that seems to keep both sides from reaching an agreement. The vaping industry is not opposed to prohibiting the sales of vaping paraphernalia to minors, providing child-proof packaging, or even reasonable licensing requirements. In fact, Sen. Mark Leno of California carefully crafted a piece of legislation agreeing to these three specific points. But when a certain amendment was added at the last minute, the bill was abandoned immediately and did not pass.

(Courtesy of YouTube)

When Adam Gray of the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee added a line at the end of the bill, essentially stating that vaping is not the same as smoking, more than a few senators refused to grant their approval. The attempt by politicians to equate vaping and smoking is the single most glaring obstacle that seems to always hamper progress and compromise. The vaping industry is always leery of signing any type of document that lumps vaping into the same category as Big Tobacco. And for good reason.

Leno states,

“Nicotine comes from tobacco. These are tobacco products…It’s no small difference of opinion whether these are tobacco products or not, because if they’re not tobacco products, Big Tobacco can continue to market their ‘non-tobacco product’ to our children.”

Vaping Industry advocates tend to strongly disagree with this statement. Yes, Big Tobacco has recently become involved in the manufacturing and marketing of e-cigs, but for all the wrong reasons. In fact, a story published on August 3, 2015 on The Sacramento Bee website tends to side with vapers.

“We believe vapor products are technology products, not tobacco products, and are adamantly opposed to equating the two. Simply put, vapor products contain zero tobacco. They have quickly created a new industry that provides thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in revenue and, most importantly, the potential to improve the health of millions of people seeking an alternative to cigarettes.”

The article goes on to state that the smoking of tobacco products costs the state some $18 billion per year, almost $10 million of which is in medical expenses alone. And smoking also leads to over 40,000 deaths in California annually as well. While vaping technology is not always specifically marketed as a stop smoking aid, several studies indicated otherwise. Two such studies are referenced, one by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the other by none other than the American Heart Association, two highly reputable sources. What do you say to them apples, Big Tobacco?