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San Francisco’s 'BART' bans e-cigs on trains

Perhaps one of the most liberal cities in the country, San Francisco has now joined some 120 other US cities in banning the use of e-cigs and other electronic vaping devices on their public transportation systems. According to an ABC News report from February 12, 2015, the American Lung Association has even supported this move, even though there is no scientific evidence to support the claims that the second-hand vapor causes any sort of immediate threat to the public-at-large.

So why would BART administrators make the move to ban vaping on their trains and in their stations? The answer is simple. Officials had been receiving a flood of complaints by riders. So, they simply gave in to public demand rather than take a stand against the spread of misinformation and fear. In fact, they seem to be perpetuating this widespread panic of allegedly “harmful second-hand smoke.”

In a memo released by BART to their staff, they express “concern about the potential harm from … exposure to vapor delivered by e-cigarettes and ejuice.” State Senator Mark Leno has also publically made misleading statements to the citizens of California, stating, “We don’t even know what is in these concoctions.”

Video Courtesy of Fox News News/YouTube Yazchat

Even though there are reams of scientific research available, especially to a California politician, which prove beyond a reasonable doubt that vaping and premium eJuice is 100% safe, it seems as if the most liberal state in the country is heading closer and closer towards vaping regulation, taxation, and legislation. And where California goes, so usually goes the rest of the nation as history has proven time and time again.

Perhaps California should look to the Midwestern to state of Michigan who is far less quick to jump onboard the bandwagon of public opinion. Just a few short weeks ago, Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed three different bills on vaping legislation. Even though many of his political motivations for doing so were somewhat less than admirable, the Governor did note that the federal government is already looking into the matter. He didn’t want Michigan to cloud the issue further by jumping the gun and causing nationwide panic.

So far, Minnesota is the only state to impose a state tax on e-cigarettes, but North Carolina is expected to quickly follow in July. The number one concern seems to be the selling of vaping devices to minors, but the public demand for “protection” against second-hand vapor is only fueling the fires further.