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Ron Johnson, Duncan Hunter urge Mike Pence to repeal FDA e-cig regulations

On Monday, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and California Representative Duncan Hunter joined forces in a letter writing campaign to urge Vice President-Elect Mike Pence to overturn the FDA deeming regulations. Per the approval of the Obama Administration, the rule took effect in August 2015 and requires nearly 99 percent of all e-cigs and vaping products to undergo a time-consuming and uber-expensive approval process that threatens to wipe out the entire industry.

Johnson and Hunter: Long-time vaping advocates

Johnson is the Senate Committee Chairmen on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs who has been actively communicating with FDA Commissioner Robert Califf since the deeming regulations were first announced. Johnson’s repeated requests for further information and clarification into the process by which the e-cigarette rule was researched and created have largely gone unanswered.

Rep. Duncan Hunter has earned the moniker “The Vaping Congressman” by many in the e-cig community after his dramatic display of openly vaping during a congressional hearing in early 2015 regarding the now implemented ban on airplane vaping. He is also well-known as one of the very first high-ranking political officials to endorse Donald Trump early in the 2016 election season.

“The FDA’s regulation, which went into effect in August, requires e-cigarette manufactures to complete costly and time-consuming applications in order to get federal approval to sell e-cigarette products. These applications could cost e-cigarette manufacturers—most of which are small businesses—more than $1 million per product, according to some estimates. Many e-cigarette manufacturers cannot afford this expensive application process, and it is likely that this regulation will force most of them to shut down.”

“To reign in the regulatory overreach of the Obama administration, it is necessary to consider all appropriate executive and legislative options to ease the burdens on job creators and innovators.”

Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and the e-cig regulations

Even though Trump and Pence have yet to be sworn into office, they have already been actively working with Big Business in an effort to save jobs and prevent outsourcing to foreign workers. Their involvement in the Carrier Company of Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana gives Johnson, Hunter, and the vaping industry hope that the Trump-Pence ticket might intervene on behalf of the vaping industry, as well. The Johnson-Duncan letter in its entirety can be located online.