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Obama Conspiracy: E-cig regulations trade ‘teens’ for Big Tobacco

(Courtesy of veppocig.com)

Make no mistake, the FDA e-cig regulations could not have been released without the approval of President Obama. If the American public is to believe the resulting White House rhetoric, the reason for such harsh legislation that is attempting to destroy the vaping industry is to prevent a surge in teen smoking.

The ugly truth is that the opposite will actually occur. Millions of teens will once again return to smoking tobacco cigarettes, filling the coffers of Big Tobacco with a resurgence of new money acquired from a new generation of tobacco-addicted consumers for decades to come.

Even though the UK has released columns of medical research stating that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, Obama and his political cronies are still turning a blind eye. But it’s actually much more underhanded than that. The Obama Administration is resorting to deception and trickery to mislead the American People. It takes a decidedly devious individual to create outright lies about teen health issues as a method of convincing average Americans to violently oppose a 95% safer product…of any kind...and essentially wipe an entire industry off the map.

E-cig regulations have Big Tobacco laughing all the way to the bank!

Imagine if a safety gadget were invented that decreased the number of automobile fatalities by 95%. The news would make international headlines for weeks on end. Nations would give the inventor’s company tax breaks just to make more of the product as soon as possible. The DOT would make the gadget mandatory on all vehicles, regardless of its age, make or model. People who couldn’t afford the new invention would be allowed to purchase them at a substantial discount. And the inventor would instantly receive his or her own personal invitation to the Obama White House with an overnight stay in the Lincoln Bedroom.

This is exactly what The New York Post is asking with its recent article by reporter Kyle Smith, “Why is the government out to destroy vaping.”

“US authorities are taking extreme, hysterical and often ludicrous steps to stamp out vaping, massively overstating the harm it does, speculating wildly on unproven potential risks from trace amounts of chemicals involved and banning vaping indoors, outdoors and even in outdoor public spaces such as parks… The Mayo Clinic and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are among the outfits that have falsely claimed vaping is as dangerous as cigarettes."

Yes, it seems that the CDC, the FDA, and the Obama Administration are in some sort of conspiracy to assassinate the vaping industry, but to what end? Offering up “teen health issues” as the sacrificial lamp to outlaw a product that saves millions of lives is downright devious, even for Obama. But it’s working. The American Public is falling for it, hook, line, and sinker.