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Newbie vapers and the sub-ohm obsession

While many people switch to vaping and e-cigs because they are far less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes, newbie vapers are often too quick to transition into sub-ohm vaping. Enticed by the hundreds of pictures of ultra-cool vape mods that consistently appear online and in social media posts, beginners are anxious to become part of the in-crowd by joining in on the sub-ohming craze. But is this a good idea, especially if your main reason for vaping is to quit smoking once and for all?

What is sub-ohm vaping anyway?

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the online forums and communities, then you probably already have an idea that this sometimes controversial vaping practice deals largely with modifying the electrical resistance (or Ohms) of a particular vaping product. When vapers complete the customization properly, the result is bigger clouds, more intense e-liquid flavors, and lots of fun vaping gadgetry like drip tips and box mods. When a newbie doesn’t have a full understanding of how the process works, we see news stories flooding Facebook and Twitter about “exploding e-cigs.

But transitioning to sub-ohming can also lead to smoking relapses. Here are three reasons why newbie vapers should stay away from sub-ohm vaping, at least until they are certain that they have successfully and totally kicked the nasty habit of smoking.

1. Too many clouds can be a turn-off.

For the first-time vaper, learning how to inhale from a standard e-cig can sometimes be a bit strange at first. It’s not like taking a drag off of a Marlboro cigarette. The water vapor hits the throat different and can tend to make the vaper cough. Also, your body is so used to inhaling tobacco smoke with thousands of toxic chemicals that the almost pure water vapor from e-cigs can be rather shocking to the system. Switching to sub-ohm vaping too early is probably only going to make your coughing even worse. And if you cough too much and too often, then you are more likely to go back to smoking.

2. “Lung Hits” can be a turn-off.

As we said before, inhaling from a vaping device is slightly different from smoking a regular cigarette. Furthermore, inhaling from sub-ohm vaping is very different from inhaling a traditional e-cig or vape pen. Unlike the mouth-to-lung hit of an e-cig, sub-ohmers usually take the vapor directly into the lungs. We call this a “lung hit,” and it can make vaping very uncomfortable. Some vapers complain of a burning sensation in the throat and lungs, which may be enough to scare newbie vapers back to the tobacco cigarettes rather quickly.

3. Drip tips can be a turn-off.

Sure, they look very cool and hip, but the wide bore of a drip tip used in sub-ohm vaping devices can be very difficult and uncomfortable for newbie vapers to use. The drip tips are wider for several reasons, such as protecting the lips from the overheated vapor. But beginning vapers will probably just find them very cumbersome, which can also cause a relapse back into tobacco products.

Sub-ohm vaping can be a lot of fun, but vapers first need to be very knowledgeable about the technology because it can be very dangerous. While it definitely has some interesting advantages, including making your e-juices taste simply amazing, newbie vapers should spend the first few months focusing on substituting vaping for smoking. After all, there will be plenty of time in the future to learn how to sub-ohm. Why rush it?