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New York’s Lindenhurst Village seeks to ban all vape shops

Officials from Lindenhurst Village in New York are proposing a ban on the opening of local vape shops while retailers of tobacco cigarettes will get a free pass. Even though there are reams of scientific evidence proving that e-cigs are 95 percent less harmful than smoking, a public hearing is set for this afternoon to debate the issue. Officials want to close all medical marijuana dispensaries and hookah lounges, too.

The proposed Lindenhurst vape shop ban follows other recent news involving anti-vaping legislation out of Manhattan just yesterday. Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan) proposed a flavor ban on all e-liquids sold throughout the city. This Rosenthal bill is copycat legislation first implemented in San Francisco earlier this summer, which is heading towards a ballot referendum vote next June.

So, why is Lindenhurst taking the big leap to attempt to ban vape shops? According to the village mayor, Mike Lavorata, per a report in News Day, vaping is not “family-friendly.”

“Here we are trying to set up a workable downtown…I don’t think these are the kinds of places we want to have there. (A vape shop) just gives a less-than-family-friendly impression.”

Even though the proposed legislation also includes a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries and hookah lounges, there are no such establishments currently located in the glorious village of Lindenhurst. In fact, there are only two small vape shops in the whole village. However, the lawmakers are kind enough to include a grandfather clause that will allow these two vendors to remain open for business.

Lindenhurst vape shop ban follows 2016 moratorium

This is not the first time than Lindenhurst officials have tried to abolish vape shops. In July of 2016, they issued a permanent moratorium on the opening of new vape shops, hookah lounges, and medical marijuana dispensaries. After the city attorney recommended a different route, the creation of an entirely separate law after holding public hearings, the moratorium was lifted.

If the bill is signed into law, then no new vape shops can open in Lindenhurst. Meanwhile, local convenience stores and gas stations will still be allowed to sell vaping products and e-cigs. One local vape shop employee named Tina Troy from Dapper Vapor believes the “family-friendly” excuse is rather silly.

“If they’re trying to make it a more family-friendly environment, don’t attack the businesses that are trying to do right and trying to help people, like the parents and business owners. If they’re that concerned about making things family-friendly, leave the hardworking people alone and go after the bigger problems.”

Well said, Ms. Roy. Well said!