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New U.S. report shows vaping trends for 2017

The world of vaping is reaching new heights as millions of people around the world recognize the health benefits of e-cigs as a tobacco harm reduction tool. The latest statistics were recently compiled and published by the group EcigInteligence, and the results are rather interesting. According to the report, more than 74 percent of all American vapers are also dual-users, which means that they vape in combination with smoking tobacco cigarettes. The survey is made available by a nonpartisan Research and Market think tank and contains the following additional statistics.

  • The majority of vapers nationwide prefer closed-system technology (such as cig-a-likes) as their primary vaping device.
  • A substantial portion of the sales of both closed-system and open-system technology are purchased through conventional retail channels.
  • Sales of Big Tobacco-sponsored vaping devices are rising from year to year, as well.
  • Sales of closed-system technology (vaping devices with refillable e-liquid tanks) are also shifting towards more traditional retail outlets, such as convenience stores and department stores, rather than local vape shops.
  • However, online sales of vaping technology and e-liquids are increasing sharply from year to year.
  • Approximately 75 percent of American vapers are dual users.
  • While this is a high percentage, the 2017 statistics are actually slightly lower than the previous year.
  • This figure translates to the majority of American vapers usually not vaping on a daily basis.
  • Of those who are vaping-only and never-smokers, only 52 percent vape daily.
  • The open-system market is highly fragmented, which means that there is currently no single leading retailer holding the lion’s share of the market. For 2018, it’s still “anyone’s game.”
  • The most popular flavors of e-liquids are tobacco, menthol, and fruits.
  • Dual users overwhelmingly prefer tobacco flavors.
  • Most vapers have more than one vaping device and switch between them based on vaping preferences and time of day.

Historical data on 2016 vaping trends

In March of 2017, researchers from San Diego State University published the results of a similar survey. However, instead of relying on completed questionnaires by U.S. vapers, these scientists followed the Twitter accounts of about 3-million vapers. The San Diego long-term study determined that “quitting smoking” was the primary reason that most people switch to vaping.

While the EcigInteligence statistics show a dramatic increase in dual vapers over the past 12-months, the reasons may be more complex. With the rising popularity and consistently improving affordability of e-cigs in recent years, millions of new vapers are entering the vaping community each and every year. While switching to vaping as a means to quit smoking may be the primary reason that people buy e-cigs, the San Diego research may be indicating that the cumulative progress of American vapers toward a smoke-free lifestyle seems to be slow and steady, at best.