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Marshall McCutchen (Tulsa, US)
It's good.

I enjoy this. It's where I ended up after trying several different brands and flavors shortly after Volcano inexplicably turned thier Tobacco Pure flavor into a sented candle like flavor.

Juan Hernandez (Vallejo, US)
I like it

volcano e cigs changed the formula for their pure tobacco juice after vaping it for 9 years. switched to this and I like it so far.

Vanilla Kretek
Mike (Johnson City, US)
Great throwback to Djarums!

As a longtime smoker of Djarum Black Vanillas (or Ivory as they're now called), this is the perfect juice to satisfy that craving, and is helping me eliminate my smoking habit. I have tried several clove-flavored juices and this is the only one I would purchase again. I don't vape clove juice all the time, but when I do, it's Vanilla Kretek by Rasta Vapors :)

Jack Frost
STACEY P (Brooklyn, US)
Cool sweet minty flavor ❄️

I found this flavor to be really refreshing and I like the balance of sweet mint and menthol!

Vanilla Kretek
Cathrine Baird
Yearning for clove

I loved clove cigarettes when I smoked. Then they couldn’t be sold anymore. I resorted to clove cigars ( though they were a bit more harsh) when I quit smoking I found plain tobacco flavors didn’t taste the same as smoking them did.so I turned to my all time fav... clove. I found a clove e liquid that I loved and then it was discontinued. Once more I found a acceptable one. It too eventually was just gone one day. I have bought countless clove e-liquids since then in my quest for a “good” clove flavor.. I have finally found it and this is it. This is a fantastic clove e-liquid, I love it. I was hesitant to order it at first as I have gotten horrible ones in my searching. This time was payout time. You will not be disappointed. This is now my total fav e-juice. A+

New research shows that vaping improves oral health, teeth, gums

Bad breath, yellow teeth, and bleeding gums are just a few of the adverse effects on oral health that switching to vaping can help improve, according to new research. For smokers who are overly reluctant to visit the dentist for fear of receiving yet another lecture on the dangers of smoking, a report recently published by Italy’s Research Institute Tecnologica offers some very positive news.

The study entitled Crosstalk between oral and general health status in e-smokers documents how a group of scientists completed a 120-day clinic trail involving some 350 participants with histories of smoking. The participants were divided into two groups. Group One consisted of smokers of less than 10-years and Group Two was comprised of smokers of over 10-years. The scientists then asked all respondents to switch to vaping (without dual usage) while monitoring several biomarkers associated with oral health including plaque levels, occurrences of bleeding gums, and other deviations.

  • Of the original 350-members, only 110 completed the full 120-day trail. Those who did not successfully make a complete transition from smoking to vaping were immediately disqualified.
  • On a scale of 0-3, 85% of Group One demonstrated diminished plaque index levels, dropping from an average rate of 2 at the study’s commencement to near zero at its conclusion.
  • 73% of Group Two began the trail with plaque index scores of 2. After 120-days, 87% exhibited scores of zero.
  • 82% of Group One participants no longer exhibited signs of bleeding gums at the end of the trail compared to 98% of Group Two respondents.
  • 71% of participants even rated their overall physical health as “better’ or “quite better.”
  • 78% claimed to have experienced substantial improvements in respiratory health, as well.

The Italian study is published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NCBI). According to its co-authors, one of the driving factors behind the research was to determine if dentists should begin recommending that their patients switch to vaping to improve oral health.

“In our role of highly experienced physicians in the field of oral medicine, we want to highlight how the switching from combustible to e-cigarette can represent a valid support toward a clear improvement in some specific oral health parameters, leading also to overall benefits toward patients’ wellbeing.”

Increased plaque levels is a common factor that can lead to cavities, chronic bad breath, gum disease, and even gingivitis which can lead to a multitude of additional physical ailments. What the Italian study has shown is that switching to vaping from smoking can help to improve nearly all areas of oral health and within a very short amount of time, too.