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New research indicates that vaping CBD may reduce epilepsy seizures

There are currently about 3 million Americans suffering from epilepsy, and scientists now believe that vaping CBD may help manage the often-associated, recurring seizures that can sometimes be life-threatening. A significant percentage of patients suffer such an enormous amount of daily seizures that they require round-the-clock care from either a family member or medical professional.

Take, for example, a young girl named Charlotte Figi who experienced as many as 300 grand mal seizures every week. The 6-year old was so debilitated by her disease that she was unable to walk, talk, or eat. Her dedicated parents tried everything. They met with numerous physicians specializing in epilepsy and tried every type of antiseizure medication imaginable. Yet young Charlotte remained highly resistant to these antiepileptic drug therapies.

Charlotte’s Web: Vaporizing CBD for epilepsy

As the number and severity of Charlotte’s seizures continued to escalate, her parents were willing to try anything to eliminate their daughter’s daily suffering. When they began a legal yet experimental treatment involving a mixture of cannabidiol and hemp back, Charlotte’s episodes plummeted from as many as 100 per day to only a few per week. Within less than a month, the child was living a much higher quality of life.

As news of the miraculous cure spread like wildfire across social media in 2013, other epileptics and their families began urgently requesting the Figis’ secret recipe. Today, the CBD and Hemp based solution is available online, aptly branded as Charlotte’s Web CBD oil.

But epileptics were not the only people taking note of young Charlotte’s progress. Medical professionals and scientific researchers around the world were also in very intrigued by the CBD/Hemp concoction’s alleged health benefits. Could filling a vaporizer with a CBD-based solution really help epileptics lead a longer and more fulfilling life?

As research and scientific testing evolved over the next few years, researchers successfully determined that vaping CBD can help relieve symptoms associated with chronic depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). CBD has also proven to help regulate blood sugar levels in diabetic patients, and scientists from the University of California, San Diego are even researching CBD’s possible health benefits for autistic children.

Perhaps the most astonishing development is a recent announcement that an FDA advisory panel has unanimously recommended that a CBD-based medication called Epidiolex be allowed to move forward in the FDA approval process. Much like Charlotte’s Web CBD oil, Epidiolex is thought to be very helpful in managing the symptoms and seizure events related to many forms of childhood epilepsy. A final decision regarding FDA approval is expected by June 27, 2018.