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My Personal 'Vaping Code of Ethics'

To vape or not to vape? That is the question. 

As vapers travel around the Vaping WebSphere, we often are faced with the unwritten code of vaping ethics. The occasional nasty comment on a blog post from someone complaining about our tendency towards douchbaggery is not at all uncommon. Even though every vaper is different, we are all lumped together in the minds of those who have had a rather unpleasant experience with a vaper in the past.

So here we are…at yet another crossroads in history, another battle of social discrimination and prejudice. The human race has been forced to deal with sexism, racism, and homophobia. Is vapism the next new frontier? Anti-vaping enthusiasts tend to fall into two categories:

  • Non-smokers who hate both vapers and smokers alike.
  • Smokers who hate vapers for being so preachy and arrogant about the dangers of tobacco.

So how should vapers handle these types of people? Here are two simple “rules-to-live-by’ in my personal Vaping Code of Ethics.

Don’t snub the tobacco smoker.

Most vapers were tobacco smokers at one time or another. And we can be very proud of ourselves for having kicked that nasty habit through vaping. Yes, we might have a fear that being around smokers might draw us back into tobacco addiction, but this isn’t the problem of our smoking friends. It’s our problem, not theirs! Avoid shunning and scoffing at smokers. Avoid saying things like, “You need to switch to vaping and quit killing yourself.” Instead, take the time to educate them gently. Welcome them into the fold. Show smokers the millions of tasty flavors available. Never look down on them. Help them overcome tobacco addiction by being kind and patient.

Don’t vape in “No Smoking” areas.

Sure, it may be “legal” to vape in public, but why push the envelope? Even though the sight of a vape pen is more widely accepted by the public-at-large than ever before, non-smokers still don’t want to see us using one when sitting next to us at the local Pizza Hut. If the restaurant if completely empty, still ask the management if vaping is allowed in their establishment. If the answer is “no,” then smile and say “no problem.” Don’t bitch and complain while promising to “take my business elsewhere.” By being thoughtful, polite, and courteous, you’ll leave a lasting good impression of the vaping community while also helping the anti-vapism movement at the same time.