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I like it

volcano e cigs changed the formula for their pure tobacco juice after vaping it for 9 years. switched to this and I like it so far.

Great throwback to Djarums!

As a longtime smoker of Djarum Black Vanillas (or Ivory as they're now called), this is the perfect juice to satisfy that craving, and is helping me eliminate my smoking habit. I have tried several clove-flavored juices and this is the only one I would purchase again. I don't vape clove juice all the time, but when I do, it's Vanilla Kretek by Rasta Vapors :)

Cool sweet minty flavor ❄️

I found this flavor to be really refreshing and I like the balance of sweet mint and menthol!

Yearning for clove

I loved clove cigarettes when I smoked. Then they couldn’t be sold anymore. I resorted to clove cigars ( though they were a bit more harsh) when I quit smoking I found plain tobacco flavors didn’t taste the same as smoking them did.so I turned to my all time fav... clove. I found a clove e liquid that I loved and then it was discontinued. Once more I found a acceptable one. It too eventually was just gone one day. I have bought countless clove e-liquids since then in my quest for a “good” clove flavor.. I have finally found it and this is it. This is a fantastic clove e-liquid, I love it. I was hesitant to order it at first as I have gotten horrible ones in my searching. This time was payout time. You will not be disappointed. This is now my total fav e-juice. A+


Excellent flavor. Ordered with boost. Always love rasta vapes

More Ways that you are likely hurting the vaping industry

In Monday’s post, we discuss three possible ways that vaping enthusiasts may likely be hurting the vaping industry. Following proper vaping etiquette is essential to avoiding the massive amounts of proposed federal regulation that is threatening us around the world. If the anti-vaping lobby gets its way, then we will be paying $50 for a bottle of e-juice in now time. Here are some more possible ways that you may or may not be hurting the vaping industry.

You don’t ask first.

It is a given that most non-smokers will not allow smoking of tobacco cigarettes in their homes, but what about vaping? And what about vaping in the office, in restaurants, nightclubs or other vape-friendly establishments? Since the general non-smoking public is still on the fence about vaping in public, proper vaping etiquette dictates that we should always ask those around our immediate vicinity whether they will find it offensive if we vape-up. If you don’t, then you may be hurting the vaping industry as a whole.

You take excessive bathroom breaks at the office, simple to vape secretly.

Even though many offices do not have rules in place regarding vaping, proper vaping etiquette says that we should ask those around us first. If our bosses and co-workers are against public vaping, then hitting the bathroom from time to time for a vape-break is very common. Just be sure that you are not spending ten minutes of every hour hidden in the bathroom stall. This is what got smokers such a bad reputation. Non-smokers are forced to work a full eight hours a day while smokers can pick up and leave when the going gets tough simply because they “need a cigarette to calm the nerves. “ Don’t fall into that same trap.

You are a vape-snob.

Vape-snobs are those people who throw other vapers a dirty look because of the model or customization of their vaping devices. If you are one of those vaping die-hards who attend cloudchasing contests every weekend and use a steampunk vape mod, then don’t give the guy next to you an evil look if he pulls out a Blu e-cig. Vaping snobbery is so high school and just poor vaping etiquette. The same goes for smokers of tobacco cigarettes. No one likes to be preached to, especially from a former smoker. You may not think that you are hurting the vaping industry, but the newly-converted-to-vaping often make the worst fanatical vaping snobs of all.

(SteampunkVape Mod: 'Long Tom' Centurion Mod by Darquesyde77)